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Stand with our Ambos

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by matt232, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Being someone that has been helped out by the Ambo service and I'm guessing there are a few others around here that have benefited or would like to have on the ball Ambo's if the need arises.

    One of my friends works for the metro Ambo service and often talks about various frustrations and things that could limit her ability to do her job and help people out. A lot of which isn't mentioned on this site and I won't go into here but I'd imagine the end result of a lot of the stuff she as spoken about boils down to how quickly the service can respond.

    Have a read of http://responsetime.org.au/ and see what you think.

    If you do want to give them some support then fill out the form on this page

    And feel free to spread the word as well.
  2. I have added my name and urge others to show their support of a service that is always there for us.
  3. Indeed. Ambos ftw. Saved my arse when I was a kid.
  4. +1


    Good on 'em for fighting for their rights.
  5. Being a nurse i fully support these guys, Payed my yearly membership last week also :grin:
  6. Done :grin:
  7. They hooked me up with some free morphine in 1998 so yeah, I'll support them.
  8. Done.

    I've also pointed out that if the government isn't serious about safe workplaces then let us know. Let those of us who are union members know so that we can decide whether or not to continue to support the ALP via donations and other support.

    That'll get 'em quaking in their boots....

  9. Done, I notice they have a section Our Allies. I can't see any motorcyclist wanting reduced ambulance services, most of us are well aware of the risks we face on the road.

    Can Netrider become an Ally?
    What does it involve?
    A link on the Netrider site to drive traffic to their site may be a help?
  10. I thought the same thing last night when I looked at this thread.

    I've added both a top and sidebar banner to help promote the cause.

    There's a job for you Cam, get them to list NR as one of their allies. ;)
  11. Great thing Vic, I actually wrote an email to their Media liaison guy last night so I'll let you know what they say.

  12. +1.... Done!