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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by voyager, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. I need some assistance from the technical people... my XV250 is currently "out of order" since I can't get it to go anywhere. Last time I took it out, no problems at all. This time. well.

    1. Pop the bike into neutral, starts first click, no worries at all. Needs some choke for a minute or two, otherwise fine.

    2. pull in the clutch, shift to ANY gear - dies.

    3. Attempting to leave in gear, hold in clutch and start - nothing. Either it doesn't even click, or it tries to start but won't catch.

    Any ideas ? Its REALLY PISSING ME OFF. I get limited riding time as it is, and when I TRY to bloody ride - technical problems.
  2. I am gonna post a stupid answer that states the obvious..but meh.. does your bike have a side stand cut out? My bike always stalls if I shift it into gear and have the side stand down.. and wont start in gear with it down. Otherwise, there might be a malfunction in the electrical bit that detects the side stand down, if you have one?
  3. I don't think it does - its a pretty basic bike. I've ridden off with the side stand still down a number of times, especially when I first got the bike.
  4. Are you out of fuel? <--- don't laff, I'm serious.
  5. Before riding do you warm the bike up?...if not try that.

    I ride a 2 stroke, so for me warming up is essential. I usually wait till the temp gauge on my bike reaches 50 deg.

  6. More info please.

    Does your bike start in gear with the clutch pulled in?
    If it usually does then I may suggest that the switch under the clutch lever is faulty and won't allow you to put it in gear and cut the motor.

    That is definitely the culprit.

    Look for any electrical wirin that goes to the clutch lever and try and locate the switch.
    It is probably stuck closed or is rusted
    Give it a wiggle and spray with wd40.
    If possible remove and clean
    If no luck get it replaced.
  7. Must be something about the red headed mind Jas, I just said the same thing to knightrider :D :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :oops:
  8. does the bike pull forward when you click it into gear?

    could be your clutch isnt adjusted properly
  9. It's the switch that allows the bike to be started in gear when the clutch is pulled in.
    Located near the clutch lever.
    It's electrical!!!!!!!
  10. How does it die when you put it in gear? Like instant - conk, or sorta like hardcore stalling?

    Sounds like a sidestand cut out switch gone beserk. Even if you used to be able to start it and ride with the sidestand down maybe the switch for it has been stuffed for some time and now instead of being constantly set to think the sidestand is up now it thinks it's down 24/7.
  11. Roflmao.. red head/ great minds.. it's all the same :wink: :D
  12. The bike doesn't have a sidestand cutout switch.
    It's the connector to the clutch switch which enables the bike to be started in gear.
    If the switch is dodgy or even disconnected then the bike will stop as soon as you put it in gear.
    It happened to my Honda cd250 u
    EXACTLY the same symptoms.
  13. I have just bought a XV250 (had about a week now). 1999 model with only 2000km on the clock. My first real bike (had a scooter for 18 months) so as you can appreciate I am pretty much a total newbie.

    I am having the EXACT same problem, only it doesn't happen all the time rather intermittently.

    Click it into neutral and it will start sweet as a nut however click it into gear, with clutch fullly drawn in, and it will just die. Happened while I was waiting at lights the other day about 4 times - really stressful when you have a line of cars behind you.

    I found I can avoid it if I give the bike a decent rev on the throttle before clicking down into first however I shouldn't have to do this right?

    I also notice that the bike will pull forward slightly sometimes when you click it down into first and when it is switched off and in first gear, if you pull the clutch in and try to walk the bike it is more difficult to push that if you are in neutral. Should be the same right?

    I would appreciate any advice.

    Also one other thing I am noticing is that the bike is emitting a somewhat annoying whine when it approaches the 70km/hr mark from either side (ie speeding up or slowing down) regardless of what gear I am in. Below or above this speed is fine. As I sit at this speed constantly around town it is rather frustrating. Has anyone else with a XV250 experienced this? Any ideas?

  14. I believe you misunderstood me. If his clutch isnt adjusted properly - i.e. not fully disengaged even though the lever is in - the bike will either struggle to start or lurch forward/stall when put in gear. This is obviously not an electrical problem.
  15. Yes but it should still start when the clutch is pulled in.
    Because the bike refuses to start while clutch is in whilst in gear indicates the clutch switch.
  16. whoa, slow down !!! Answers as best as I can, given limited knowledge of mechanics.

    - Definately NOT out of fuel. Tank is about half-full at present, but its done this on a full tank before now.

    - If its running in neutral, and I put it in gear, there always has been a slight kick to it when it goes in, clutch in or not. Nothing major, just a little nudge.

    Would this also account for other stalls I've had recently, such as when I've come off the freeway, pulled up to the lights, and the engine has cut out as soon as I've pulled in the clutch?

    So how do I fix this problem ? Is it simply a matter of finding someone knowledgable about bikes, or is this a job for a pro?
  17. OK
    Start from the beginning
    Your initial post didn't say that.
    PLEASE tell us ALL the symptoms of the bike's problems so we can be of better help.
    process of elimination.
  18. I didn't add everything else because I didn't think it was relevant - I did mention I know sod-all about mechanics, didn't I? Like the nudges - its ALWAYS done that, from the first day I got it. I also figured the stalls off the freeway was my incompetance.

    Sorry if that made it difficult- I just didn't see the connection.
  19. Could be sticky clutch plates. Try an oil change if you haven't done one for a while (or don't know when the last one occurred). Do not assume a dealer has done it!

    Just a thought.
  20. A lot of possibilities, it seems. Guess I'll leave it for the professionals then, and get the bike towed to the local mechanic.