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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by krazilicious, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, first off got my L's recently, yeah! =D..now ive got my ride which is a CBR 250RR..and ive been stalling it and holding traffic a few times..ive riden it with no problem at all..now that its back after being serviced its being stalling like mad. My hands tend to shake after riding it. Now im not that confident in riding it..affraid of stalling on the road again :-(
    The bike i rode on my L's was a CBF..and its tottaly different to the CBR..
    Newbie question..whats wrong with it?

  2. Congrats on getting your license mate!!! Ive only had mine for about 2 months. Do you find the friction point in the clutch before trying to take off? When i got my L's we were taught fast idle, then find friction point and take off. Ive heard that the CBR250RR's need about 4000rpm to be able to take off. If you want try and find a nice quite car park and just practice taking off over and over again untill you have it, this helped me quite a lot. Dont let it get you down it happens to all of us sometimes! (y)
  3. Perhaps the mechanic turned the idle speed down when it was serviced?

    If you post the current idle speed here (after the bike has warmed up), then other cbr250rr owners will be able to tell you if it is set correctly.

    It could be that the idle was previously too high, and you trained yourself to take off with only a little throttle. Now you just need to re-train yourself to have a little more throttle when you release the clutch.

    Or, less likely, the brakes could be dragging - make sure you can push it around in neutral with the same effort as before.
  4. The engine has very little torque therefore you need revs to take off, and you need to slip the clutch.

    Its also possible that the carbs need adjustment. Incorrect AF mixture also makes the problem worse.
  5. The warm idle speed of a CBR250RR should be 1500RPM +/- 100RPM.

    As said before, I've heard they aren't happy taking off with less than 4000 RPM. Also slip the clutch slowly when taking off, don't dump it.

    I'll be able to give you a better idea of how a good CBR should take off midweek when I get one for a few days.
  6. Yeah it idle's around 1500RPM..and you right..it does seem that it needed more rev, thats where i was at fault..i was reving under 4000RPM and the bike does seem different. Anyhow..thanks for the input, much appriciated =D