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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mugen1, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Hey guys!

    been wondering about stalling bikes..
    i'm on a vtr250, and when/if i stall the bike, i find that its easier to stall immediately afterwards..
    anyone have a similar experience?
    work mate reckons when i stall the engine it gets flooded..

    :? stalled the bike 3-4 times in a row this morning..

    or is this just the nerves taking over..

  2. I reckon it's just your nerves.
  3. Nerves mate and the sooner you stop stalling the safer you will be.
    Get out there and practice and don’t be scared to have a few RPM on board when you let the clutch out.
  4. its nerves, the same thing happened to me at learner training, though i think i may have stalled it about 7 times in a row :oops: each time getting more and more and more frustrated which didnt help.
  5. Ride it like you stole it....erm, the clutch, that is :cool:
  6. something i noticed a new rider doing on a ride a while back, remember you are on a bike not in a car. your car might cruise at 3000rpm, the bike doesnt.

    VTR can take off with low revs, but aim for aroud 4000+ when you begin to release the clutch, and roll on the throttle as the clutch gains more friction increasing load.

    1st gear will redline arounf 50-60km/h, so dont be afraid to give it a bit of poke as you take off, you wont be going too fast :)
  7. sounds pretty much sorted..nerves you all say!

    thanks for the advice nibor, makes sense too
    i'll give it a bigger nudge next time

    now that ive been thinking about what happened, i may have been trying to start it in 2nd...haha..ha.. :oops:
  8. Yeah I am in a similar boat to you mugen.

    VTR250, first ride today on the roads stalled in the city in (slow) moving traffic. Like an idiot i panicked pulled in the clutch and hit the startup button and rolled on the throttle just enough that hopefully the guy behind me only noticed a small bunnyhop. Haha.

    A teency bit off topic, but I notice I seem to take of REAL slow especially around corners from lights. I think its a combination of slow reflexes (releasing the clutch real slow on 1st in the fear of stalling) and then light throttle. What should I do - just roll harder on the throttle? And what about when im rolling the throttle before the clutch engages the engine goes nuts is that a bad thing and will it smooth out in time?
  9. I remember when i fist got my L's when i stalled i would stall like 2 or 3 times since i would get flustered and try and hurry up since u know it is really embarrassing and i would just try and go to fast.
  10. !

    Been there and done that. Still remember though!
  11. Just relax.... I know its harder than that, but you just need to go with the flow. If you stall, just relax and fire it back up and continue along your way. Its going to happen, its happened to us all!!!
    Before long you'll forget all about it!!! Just dont beat yourself up about it and remain calm, then continue on your way.
  12. don't need to flick the clutch out, let the clutch out slowly but roll on the throttle! If you don't give it gas it doesn't go!

    If you must for practice, give it a bit more on a corner you know well and do laps and keep practicing it a bit quicker at a time, that should get it more natural....