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Stalling when in gear.....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Smithtown, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. ok ive had this problem for a while now but my bike (cbr250r) will sometimes (and its random not all the time) stall when i come to a complete stop say at a set of lights, but if i click it into netural its fine and will idle normally... ive had carbies cleaned and tuned and set properly and new clutch plates put in... took it to a mechanic but he was gonna charge me way to much to pull it apart for my liking. Had a few people suggest head gasket or pistons would this make sense to anyone ?

  2. Idle speed may be set too low. What does the tacho say when it is in gear and in neutral?
  3. Sounds like it might have something to do with the sidestand idiot switch system. An intermittent fault in the switch at the stand itself could easily cause the symptoms you describe.

    I'd certainly check it before I dived into serious mechanical work.
  4. About 1,500 rpm but that should be normal right?
  5. =D> Hit the nail right on the head there I reckon. intermittently knocking the side stand a little OR problems with the switch/wires.

    A little WD40 and a physical push it inand out furhter than the sidestand does will probably sort it out
  6. Ok Ill check that tonight , cheers for your help ill keep you posted if that works....
  7. Sounds like grotty pilot jets to me.
    Did you clean the carbs yourself?
    Pilot jets are really tiny, easily blocked and are buried right down in the guts of the casting.
  8. Probably not if the problem is while in gear but while in neutral. If it was jets you'd expect the problem to be fairly consitent.

    I am also going with sidestand switch/wiring.