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stalling uphill

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mugen1, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    wondering if any of you have had problems going uphill?
    my driveway is quite steep, and i have to stop the bike and open the garage..can't seem to quite get up there in one go, keep stalling it.

    any tips?

    anyone have similar problems on the steep roads?

  2. Just feather the clutch or go faster. You can't do anything other than that.... except push it up there.
  3. Youll get more comfortable with throttle in time, just give it more revs.

    Without knowing what bike you have, I assume its going to lacking in torque anyways.

    With a 250cc 4 cyl it takes a good 6k take off to get up my driveway
  4. funny about that mate, first ride last week in the wet and i gave up and decided to push the bike up, heavy as, big struggle hahahaha, after stalling it 10 times i got it up there eventually..

    i'm riding a vtr250 buddy, i was trying to keep the revs at 4k..trying..
  5. Sounds like you might be trying to let the clutch out completely like when you pull away on the flat, you can't do that, you need to keep slipping it and keep the revs up.

  6. adam mate, thats exactly what i was trying to do!
    i'll pay more attention to the clutch next time


    luckily it was my driveway and not on the road..
  7. More revs, watch the clutch. Stop when something smells funny.
  8. Hmm, I guess it might depend just how steep your driveway is!!

    Hey if you need some help to work it out let me know, I am just down in Neutral Bay, don't need much of an excuse to pop up to the northern beaches!

  9. turns out u were right adam, went for a ride round the block..came back keep the clutch in and just held it at the friction point, maintained high revs and wa-la!

    thanks bud

    marx, i think that smell mite just been me sweating over stalling it so many times hahaha
  10. Nice one! Another skill to tick off the list. :)

  11. Theres a list?!

  12. Hehe, that's redline for my bike.
  13. lucky its not kick start