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stalling problem.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by enzise, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. well this happened to me twice yesterday. i was riding along and when i coming to a stop at lights or wat eva i use gears to slow down then when i getting close enough i pull in clutch and just roll in. when rolling the bike dies. when i try to start it again it doesnt start normally, for a start i have to rev the sh*t out of the enigne to start it then hold the high revs for a few seconds to get it going. once it is goin again no probs. so is there someting wrong. or should i not roll around with clutch in.

    i only roll for max 20 metres with clutch in, most of the time when i do it, it is fine. but occasionally it happens. and is a bit scary whens spltting and i get to front and bike dies and wont start straight away.

    any help greatly appreciated.

  2. rolling with your clutch in should be no problem, it's pretty much what you do when pulling up. I am no mechanic, i am sure others will contribute there advice. Good luck with finding a solution
  3. Does it happen in any particular conditions? Hot/cold weather? Hot/cold engine?
  4. i'm thinking maybe turn your idle up a little bit??? what does it idle at now??? i'm definitely no mechanic.. but had that problem once before and thats how my mate fixed it for me :p
  5. tenoq - usually happens i have been riding for a while like 10 min + so engine has had time to warm up

    BalmyBrowny - it idles at about 2-3000rpms. so u say if i turn choke up and leave it on a bit all the time it shuld be sweet??
  6. I had similar problems with mine for a while, usually when cold.
    I set and idle slightly higher.
    Also after another problem with fuel later, mechanic told me that the carbies were very dirty and this probably wasnt helping. After a clean and tune its like riding a different bike.
  7. I had the same problem once before aswell, I was stopped at the lights with the clutch in and it stalled. My bike idles at low revs so I think it just run outa power. How do you get the bike to idle higher? (I'm a noob at bike mechanics :p)
  8. there is an idle adjusting screw... mine on the zzr is on the left of the bike (sitting on it) about half way down i think if i remember right..... my mate did it for me :p i only watched he he....
    enzise... thats sounds about right for idle... mine idles at 1600 - 2000... i would prolly take dkel's advice and maybe put her in for a tune and service???
  9. ive been meaning to change oil lately so looks like i will make a day of it and do carbies as well..
  10. Blocked primary jet
  11. if your bike is idling at 2-3 thousand rpmat idle that should be more than enough. sounds like a pilot jet issue try a carb balance and idle mixture reset. if the problem has been around for ages and slowly getting worse should just be adjustment.

    but if it just occurred out of the blue maybe something is just clogged up.