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Stalling in corners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Soup, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been riding on my new bike only a few times and I've stalled it around a round-a-bout like twice and I don't know whats up. I usually take it in first or second gear.

    It doesn't always happen, but when it doesn't, the bike seems to barely chug through it without stalling out.

    Am I meant to feather the clutch to prevent stalling?

    Or come to think of it, maybe I'm accidentally taking the corner in a higher gear.

    I've searched the net for answers and the only answer I've found is that my idle speed could be too low and needs to be adjusted.

    I ride a WR250X if that helps.

    Cheers guys, hoping to get some tips before I head out for a ride tonight. :)
  2. roundabouts seem to be so simple in a car but devlish on a bike as a learner, ive been riding for about a year on the road and still find myself having to really concentrate at times.
    Personally I tackle roundabouts by feathering the clutch, larger roundabouts not so much. you will find the groove with roundabouts, when in doubt just pull in the clutch and roll around to your exit. 1st gear.
  3. Try keeping your eyes up, looking where you want to go...no, further...yeah turn your head...thats it!

    You will find you will maintain a higher speed and not stall.
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  4. What speed are you doing?

    You stall when you have the bike moving too slowly for the gear it is in. Going around a roundabout at any halfway decent speed shouldn't cause stalling in second. It sounds like you are travelling waaaaaaay to slow. If that's the case, you could try going down to first or you. Could try avoiding roundabouts until you can keep the speed a tad higher. Not taking huge speeds here just enough to keep it rolling in second.
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  5. It does appear that you are going too slow or you are in too high a gear for your speed. You should be able to get around any roundabout in 2nd gear. Just apply more throttle, look where you want to go, and lean the bike. Keep the throttle steady while you are going around. Might pay to practice in a car park by riding around in circles or doing figure eights. Keep in mind that if you struggle around roundabouts, you are going to find riding around bends just as difficult.
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  6. Hey guys just got back from my ride and found that looking where I'm going helps a lot when it comes to maintaining a higher speed at roundabouts, although I accidentally went over a round-a-bout slightly. (No problem for the wr250x)

    Thought I'd mention, I only stalled out at roundabouts when I was turning right or doing a U turn since upon entry you have to turn away from the direction you're heading and then back into the direction you want to go as you go through the roundabout and due to that, I think I slow down excessively and that puts me closer to stalling.

    All with time I suppose, I am still getting used to my bike after all.

    Didn't stall tonight which I'm happy about, although the bike does feel like it chugs a bit and is quite jerky when riding at low speeds in 2nd or 1st gear, but I think that's just the bike. Not sure though.
  7. It is not likely to be the bike. I think you are just going too slow. You should be able to get around at about 15-20 kmh. You will find it smoother if you try and get a little more speed. Just takes practice.
  8. Do not ride faster than you want to. Ride as slow as you like.
    For slow speed manoeuvering set the throttle to fast idle speed. Probably around 2 - 3k rpm with clutch lever in.
    Do not move the throttle. Feed in a bit of drive when you want a bit of go, pull the clutch lever in when you want to slow and maybe apply a little rear brake.
    Do not fully release the clutch lever until you want to pull away and resume normal riding.
    Keeping the engine alive and away from its stall zone is everything.
  9. Hi Soup!, Did they not teach you slow riding technique at whatever pre-licence school you went too?
    You should be aiming to control the bike at any speed through the roundabout, you can't arrive at a roundabout and expect to always do it at a specific speed!! You need to be comfortable enough to slow or accelerate the bike depending on what is required.

    If you need to go slower then what first gear can deliver then you will have to slip the clutch, I usually use clutch slip and back brake at really slow (walking pace) speeds. Some people use clutch slip alone, but the one common thing is that we avoid the front brake, unless it's needed in emergency. If you have to stop to avoid a prang then use everything!
  10. Stalling in any corner, is something that you cannot afford to have happen. If there is a lot traffic, you stand a fair chance of getting run over by following cars. (Think where they will be looking)
    Feather the clutch, choose a lower gear (preferably not first), or speed up.
  11. There is another issue with single cylinder dirtbikes.If it runs a pumper carb they can flame out when you open the throttle aggressively,the accelerator pump in the carb overwhelms the spark.Is a real issue in tight single track riding,known as Coff and stall.There are fixes,taming the squirt from the pump.Worth knowing about,you can ride around this but keeping the revs a bit higher and holding the throttle still.Hope this isn't getting a bit technical for you.Try doing a search on this on off road sites.Dirtbike World is a good local one.
  12. Your on a wr for peats sake, just stay on the gas and ride straight over the top of the roundabout ;-)
  13. @Soup@Soup, you haven't posted where you are in your details but if you are in Sydney or Melbourne I would try to get down to one of the regular weekly practice sessions. They will be able to give some hints and if you are doing anything wrong they will certainly pick up on it and give feedback.
  14. He's in Sydney. I took him out one night in a car park 2 weeks ago and did about 2 hrs of slow speed stuff, starting with straight lines as slow as possible through to cone weaves, u turns and figure 8s. Keeping revs up was the initial issue. By the end he was nailing it all. Time in the saddle and confidence in traffic are the key things now.
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  15. Hahahaha I do do that sometimes just for fun when nobody is around, although it definitely won't be something that I'll make a habit. Anyone know if you can get in trouble for going right over roundabouts? :p

    Anyway guys, thanks for all your help and suggestions but I no longer have this issue. :D Ever since @Tone2@Tone2 took me out and taught me some slow speed stuff I haven't had a problem with roundabouts and I've been taking every single one confidently with no worries so props to him for that. I still go around them rather slow but I believe I am getting better at them.

    I also think I was taking some roundabouts in 3rd gear which I was going far too slow for which caused me to stall.

    But yeah, cheers guys, love how helpful the community is here.
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