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Stalling DR650 - Typical for a Single??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Early Retirement Plan, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. G'day,

    I'm having a bit of an ongoing problem with my DR650 stalling. The bike is less than a year old, but stalls (primarily) when slowing down, in hot and cold weather, slowing from speed and from low speed, on road and off.

    Had the clutch sensor disconnected, problem persists. Now my regular mechanic and also another mechanic can't find a thing wrong. The bike has a 33L Safari tank & full exhaust kit, both fitted from new by mechanic.

    Now my regular mechanic has told me:

    "... the occasional stalling is no different to any other big single. After repeated stops and starts I only managed to get it flame out once and it was completely normal for an engine of this size. You will find you will need to use the clutch and throttle a little when the engine is returning to or coming from idle speed. Sometimes you can catch a big single in just the wrong part of its cycle when the throttle is used and it will “flame out”, fuel injection does almost cure this but on a carbureted engine a little user input is needed. Speeding up the idle to a level that suits you will not hurt anything either, don’t be scared to up to about 1500 rpm..."

    Does this sound accurate? I've been riding 16 years and this is my fourth bike, never had this problem before but I've only had inline 4's before. The bike is still under warranty, should I push the issue???

    Would really really appreciate any help!!!


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  2. From what I understand, yep, pretty normal. A pumper carb will solve this problem, but very expensive.

    We have a few DR experts on here, I'm sure someone will let me know if I'm wrong :)


    Welcome to Netrider BTW!
  3. Thanks for the welcome lowercase & MV, hope you're right MV!!

  4. Nope. Not normal for the DR650. Mine hasn't done it in 30,000 kms and, although it's currently mechanically standard, I've got the idle turned down well below its factory setting. Maybe hotter singles do it, but not the big wooflly labrador DR.

    I would suspect the exhaust or, more accurately, carb jetting that is not optimal for the exhaust.

    Maybe you need to find another mechanic.
  5. Oh dear. Thanks PatB, not the best of news but useful info! Plenty of people seem to have similar "no problems, ever!" DR650 stories, but still, hopefully future posts will - no offence! - disagree with you and agree with MV!

  6. Nope, I'd take PatB's advice on that one, sorry.

    (I don't own one, he does.)
  7. I suppose I should qualify my comments by saying that I have stalled my DR in the traditional manner, by being a numpty with the clutch (yes, even after 20+ years) or in very slow manouvering when the engine simply would not stay running at such low revs. Couple of hundred rpm at most and unpleasantly jerky even before it died. Again, a function of incorrect usage, or, rather, non-usage of the left hand lever.

    It has, however, never stopped all of its own accord simply due to deceleration or sudden application of throttle.
  8. My DR with 900 od K's, no mods has no problems de-accelerating, engine brakes very smoothly. Lugs a bit when trying to stick to 5 or 10 K speed limits in car parks, have to slip the clutch a bit and keep a fast idle.

    Your problem sounds like the jetting is of for your exaust, so your going to learn to ride it as is, or change something, which could get expansive.
  9. I'd suspect it might be a bit lean at idle, cleaning carb may fix it (even just draining it might free a bit of gunge). Not sure if there's any adjustment, but one size upon the idle jet wouldn't hurt if nothing else works.
  10. Thanks for your comments everyone! Pretty sure the mechanic has fiddled with the idle & checked that most things are as they're meant to be... Maybe I've pulled the shortest straw & got myself a lemon with a mysterious, unidentifiable gremlin??? So devastated, wanted this bike for a 2+ year trip around Aust but if it's playing up while still so new, maybe it's back to the drawing board....

  11. Hardly mysterious. Put it back to standard and see what it's like. I'd bet heavily that the mods are the problem.
  12. At a wild guess I'd say your idle circuit is now a bit lean. The aftermarket pipe would be the culprit for that.