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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cOS, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. :shock:

    i've being riding for about a month or so now on my Ls. though i am an experience rider and have roadcraft. so forgive me in advance if one is offended by my outlawness with carrying a pillion.

    anyhow. I was heading home from work and transporting my partner in peak hour today. it was slightly sprinkling in sydney. the traffic was good accept a few nastees here and there but none were dramatic. until..
    pennant hills road. the road is usually packed with cars in the evening, heading to parramatta and western sydney. I noticed this van cutting into traffic, from the left. as I rode by I had a glimps at his face. didn't think much of it. so a few hundred meters down I notice he was coming up from behind. we were both on the right lane. usually I would allow someone to tail gate me for about 10 seconds or so before I take action. the time passed and I raisted my hand to signify his problem. pulled over to the left to let him pass. as he passed I shouted out at him for being a dim wit. after he passes me, he cuts into my lane and slams on the brake! so I had to of course slam on the front brakes too. man was I pissed!! so I followed him and hoped a red light turns up so I can approach him. all the way down pennant hills rd we had green light all the way! my route required me to exit onto cumberland or james ruse drive. but by then my blood was boiling with rage and wanted to burn this guy's house down. I have had many tail gaters but none like this. so I decided to follow the guy. he did turn off into quiet streets in north parramatta. by now he knew I was following him and wanted a confrontation. we got to this section of the road where we both went in circles. think of a T intersection at an acute angle and another road connecting the ajoining road making a triangle. we went in loops. about 3 or so time I believe, until I had to stop for traffic I couldn't risk going fast because of the wet surface and my inexperience in carrying a pillion. so I kinda lost him after that as he turned back onto pennant hills rd. by the time I got back on.. I lost him. I rode around the area searching for him because he must live in the area to know those particular streets. I did kinda reckonise this parked vehicle similar to his, but nobody was in it. though I am pretty sure it was it. pity I didn't jot down the number plate. my bad. anyhow it was kinda fun in the end. an experience to learn from. :grin:

    anybody else go through this extreme circumstances? do you guys ignore these things when your life is threatened?

  2. :shock:

    well, i've read enough.......NEXT!
  3. Think Ill bite my tongue.
  4. :shock: Is this for real :shock:
  5. mmmm...well...it's always best just to get over things and move on, because while you are getting all worked up at someone, you are'nt really keeping your head where it ought to be.

    If he was tailgaiting you, you should have just moved over and let the silly prick go. End of story.
    (And not endangered your pillion passenger)

  6. I wouldn't have shouted as he went past. :)

    If someone does something really stupid I tend to discuss it with them but wouldn't follow that long. :)

    If someone deliberately does something to try to cause an accident of frighten me, I'll have a chat with them after I've found a safe escape route through traffic. Afterall, if they've tried to knock you off once, they'll probably do it again. :wink:

    If I had a pillion I wouldn't even contemplate the thought of doing anything other than safely ride away under either circumstance. Same goes if I'm riding with others as the driver may take it out on them instead. :wink:

    Do you mind if I ask how you became an experienced rider in a month? :)
  7. "mum always said i was a fast learner!"


    [stop it joel]
  8. So hes a tool for stalking, and your opinion is to knock him and his pillion off the bikes, making sure the bike goes down aswell?

    need i say more...
  9. [IMG:63:56:daa6f81143]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/sgcooke/Smiles/harp.gif[/img:daa6f81143]
  10. yes I agree with you. my head was elsewhere. but how can you stand there and take someone throwing punches at you? I can't bare tailgaters. it is simply dangerous. I can keep my cool if I am in a car myself. but it is difficult to stand by and watch on a bike.

    my pillion trust me. don't worry about the pillion. we are as one.
  11. dirt bike.
  12. so you rode dirt bikes on the road? :roll:
  13. you are immature for your age. I am seeking support on how to deal with these situations. thanks for your advice anyway. I am a moron and a tool.
  14. on the dirt? /sarcasm
  15. In a few years you'll realise the folly of the assumtion that your dirt experience makes much difference to your road experience.

    Dirt bike experience will help with recovering from a slide and general bike operation, but that's about where it ends. It's a whole new ball game on the road. There are more and different types of hazzards that tend to be less predictable and the bike behaves differently and requires a highly different riding style. After about 6 yrs I think I'm becomming experienced on the road, despite having started riding trail bikes 25 yrs ago. :)

    I would accept that you may ride well but there will be many more new and novel situations for you to come, as there will be for me and probably even Raven with his 30 yrs behind him (shout out if you disagree John). :) Further, IMO an experienced rider would never lose their temper and place his pillion at risk by following a potentially dangerous/violent and erratic driver on wet roads. :)
  16. Read seany's post and youll see what im getting at....
  17. Ok advice.

    Dont pillion on your Ls.

    Dont think that because you have ridden a dirtbike that you have roadcraft.

    Dont put a pillion in danger, especially your girlfriend.

    Dont take on anything that is bigger than you.
  18. So is losing your temper on a bike. :)
    All the more reason to repect that trust and make sure you keep her safe. :)
  19. This was a double post, but I think I can use it.

    Cos, what would have happened if that van had pulled into a side street after getting away and then pulled out as you came past, or if it had simply turned around and run you down? He's already slammed on the brakes for you so it's not behaviour that would've been out of his reach.

    Had that hypethitical crash resulted in the death of your girlfriend or her being paralised from the neck down for life, would you feel responsible due to your actions?

    I'm not trying to have a go at you but I am hoping that question makes you feel uncomfortable. You need to think about the worst case scenario at all times in your decision making, and even that hypothetical is not the worst possible outcome. Take care out there. :)
  20. Dood, what we're getting at is, you think the driver put you in danger.
    We think you put yourself in more danger.
    It's starting to sound a little bit 'keystone cops' when you've gone around the round-about for the third time.
    If you've been on the road for only a month or so, you can expect lots more incidents.
    If you fly off the handle over all of them, riding isn't going to be much fun.
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Not open for further replies.