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stalked because my plate was accidental obscured [qld]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by petrix, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Hey there last weekend I was fined $320](*,) because part of the first number on my plate was obscured by the plastic surround that had come lose.
    To say I'm a little upset is the understatement of the year. Anyone else experienced harrassment up on glorious lately. Do I have any options to fight this craziness.


  2. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    probably not.
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  4. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    lucky you didnt get 3 demerit points too. happens all the time. ****ing cop bastards
  5. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    And welcome to Netrider as well

    I'm guessing that you aren't telling all the story here?
  6. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    Why would I suspect the presence of a little attitude...
  7. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    I don't see the problem, plate was obscured, possibly by chance, possibly by planning and you got off lightly with just the fine. Its partly because of obscured plates that they want to force bikes to have front plates. Should be happy the cop cut you a break.
  8. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    do the crime, pay the fine, but $320 is a bit steep
  9. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    I suggest you go and buy a dictionary, check the definition of 'stalked', and then come back and change the title of this thread.
  10. I rode home with my numberplate and rego sticker in my backpack last night. One of the bolts had fallen out (despite loctite and a spring washer - gotta love singles), and the other wasn't going to be up to the task on its own.

    Almost midnight - no public transport, taxi would cost a fortune ('bout an hour away), and I couldn't find a servo that stocked bolts or zip ties.

    I was sorely tempted to blast through every fixed camera I know of, but decided not to tempt fate.
  11. I doubt it, that is par for the course on that road, there is far to many idiots up there some wearing blue but most riding bikes/driving cars.
  12. I guess you would be annoyed if the surround had genuinely and accidentally come loose and obscured the plate. You would also expect that if you were spotted with an obscured plate, regardless of the reason, you would be pulled over, that is their job after all! Hardly stalking!

    What happens from that point on is usually up to the 'attitude test'. You could have been warned and asked to fix it right there and then if your story was believed and you were polite and remorseful. Of course you could have been dealt with in other ways if you started with the, "Why are you f@*#ing pulling me up, what have I done f@*#ing wrong?" or similar routine. I could be wrong (often am) but can only gather that you didn't try the 1st way!
  13. Generally agree but it also depends on how bored the cops are and the individual cops attitude to bikes.

    The fact it is a vibey single makes the excuse plausible and the cops should have given him a break. things don't come loose whilst vehicles are in garages, so it's unreasonable to apply the law if someone hasn't had the opportunity to fix it.

    It's almost worth taking it to court to plead guilty but ask to be let off with a warning and no record. It is ill advise to go to court without a lawyer, but in this circumstance, so long as you mind your P & Q you should be OK. But be warned the result will depend on whether you can convince the Magistrate that motorbikes can vibrate enough to loosen bolts.
  14. For the particular plod that frequents the road up there, it wouldn't matter what attitude you had.
  15. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? It wouldn't be the first time someone has been pulled over for something trivial. My old car got defected for not having water in the windscreen washer bottle. It was a 100% stock Daewoo :-s I would've rather he booked me for having bad taste in cars, than for something as stupid was window washing fluid.

    Zipties and one of those mini rolls of gaffa tape are a MINIMUM to carry under your seat. Arguably more important than all the other tools usually crammed under there. :)
  16. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    I know, I know. My ute was stocked with all manner of tools and spares, but I've been a bit slack assembling a good permanent toolkit for the bike.

    Anyway to the OP, pleading guilty in court would seem a reasonable thing to do, but I don't know if it will help or not (I suppose it depends on the Magistrate, just like it depended on the cop).

    PS: It's me with the vibey single ibast, not petrix (necessarily).
  17. Re: stalked because my plate was accidental obscured

    Ahh. Sorry. In that case Petrix is a scam artists who deserves to go to gaol.
  18. I showed no attitude at all ! If anything I was shocked that nothing I said made any difference to his attitude towards the situation. I would have hoped bike riders would not judge others with such contempt and guilt, there are some of us who enjoy riding without making the rest of us look like idiots. From responses I've seen I see little future in motorcyclist being capable of sticking together and really tryng to help each other with the negative attitiude directed towards us every time you set off for a ride!!
  19. I sadly gave up riding Nebo and Glorious ages ago, the roads are now staked out with coppers looking to fill their shifts "fine quota". They will do it any old way they can, even if it means brazen entrapment or quoting some obscure road law.
    Looks good on their performance appraisals for promotion if they show they booked 20 or 30 road users per shift. All road cops are despicable.
  20. Yep me too... nod is gone, we've failed to work together to oppose things that affect us (e.g. WRBs). Not sure why the guys here are so defendant of being dicked by the cops, up until it happens to them of course ](*,)