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stale green lights

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zilly, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. I know everyone tells me to check for red-light runners when the light goes green, what about green lights that have been green for a while? Should I slow down and do a quick check at them as well

    (lately I have been lazy on the stagnant green lights) - but then i usually tell my self, that one was ok not to look, there were cars already stopped (so no one could run a red light without hitting a stopped vehicle)

  2. I always check regardless.. You never know when a drunk cager runs pass it...

    I had a small incident happen to me the other day. I was about to take off from the lights at an intersection. On the intersecting road I saw a truck that didnt slow down one bit when he saw the yellow lights. I said to myself dont go till he passes. He ran the lights as my lights turned green... But no surprises there as I saw him coming...
  3. Still check, but be much more wary when the lights have just changed, especially for trucks, who sometimes really dont give a hoot if they run a red, it saves them changing down and up through the gears again.
  4. I always check but not for runners but for the popo.
  5. Ya, I am always wary when taking off from lights.

    But slowing down to check lights that have been green for a while, is a bad idea in some ways, as some idiot whos turning (with green light, but not with turn right green light) will either think that the light is turning orange so he can go, or that you're giving way for some reason.
  6. i cover my brakes until i can see clearly that i can make it through the intersection without trouble.
  7. yeah i have seen plenty of trucks run the red after they have just turned, but yeah was more interested with the greens that have been green for a while.

    If there is a car wanting to turn right, I make sure they are not going to turn in front of me. (by getting ready to brake, check for escape routes etc)

    so basically I should just be treating the stale greens as any other intersection and check through them =D
  8. <accent> come with me if you want to live </accent>
  9. you should be scanning every road you ride, ie side streets, intersections doesn't take much and if you practice it early on you will just get in the habbit of a quick glance as you approach any street. :)
  10. Only thing is that you shouldnt slow down for no reason. An inattentive driver or rider will run fair up your arse.
  11. I was following my ex 3 - 4 yrs back... she was on her bike, me on mine... we were heading towards green lights which were already stale. I started rolling off - I thought the chances of making it were slim. She sped up.

    She ended up tailgating a car.

    I had a big gap ahead and the car behind was slowing down too.

    Then with only a short distance to go (for her), the lights changed. The car infront went to go, then changed it's mind and slowed down quickly. She had to fair do an emergency stop to avoid rear ending the car.

    I rolled up and pulled up beside her.

    She was agro at the car...

    She was still agro later on when I tried to talk to her about the incident.

    IMO, she was entirely in the wrong... she didn't see it that way.


    Moral of the story, approach stale green lights with caution and give the car behind you PLENTY of notice if you choose to slow down - tap the brake to bring on the light.
  12. In Sydney two other cars would have followed him through as well :shock: :LOL:.

    Yeah, make no assumptions around lights; devotard is right to say don't slow down too much, but being hit side-on by a speeding vehicle is just not a high-percentage option.
  13. Moral of the story is, women are always right :cool: