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Staircase Range Cutting - Ride and Camp

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Staircase Range Cutting - Ride and Camp
    Weekend of the 4-5 July 2015


    After a tough week at work, a ride and camp over was the perfect solution to unwind.
    I picked a location to camp, a place that was quite and had some history.
    The ride was a loop of 725km with the camp location roughly central, not a long ride by any means, the goal after all was the overnight camp.
    I packed the bike on Friday afternoon and hit the road at daybreak Saturday morning, the weather was fine, the temperature when I left Gracemere was a 7 degrees, with a low of 3 degrees on the Capricorn Hwy heading to Westwood
    As usual I slept in my swag, carried my water and food, and enjoyed the afternoon looking around the cutting which was cut by hand in 1907 by Chinese workers.
    I thought based on the temperature experienced Saturday morning that it would be a cold night but is was in fact mild, a very clear night with a moon almost full.

    Each location name is linked to a photo slideshow, the kms between the towns and the google map coordinates are along side.

    Location Kms Co-ordinates
    Gracemere 0 -23.438380, 150.457157
    Westwood 40 -23.625895, 150.155818
    Duaringa 60 -23.722112, 149.672087
    Goowarra 26 -23.663981, 149.428545
    Dingo 10 -23.650714, 149.335878
    Bluff 29 -23.582609, 149.071045
    Blackwater 20 -23.585815, 148.871918
    Comet 54 -23.606231, 148.544991
    Emerald 39 -23.535613, 148.173776
    Springsure - Virgin Rock 63 -24.093697, 148.097025
    Springsure - 3 Ways 3 -24.117680, 148.088507
    Orion 20 -24.224094, 148.227763
    Staircase Range Cutting 0.5 -24.222721, 148.222860
    Rolleston - Choice 51 -24.463243, 148.622535
    Rolleston 0.3 -24.463358, 148.624459
    Bauhina 76 -24.569489, 149.295074
    Woorabinda 58 -24.130902, 149.456463
    Baralaba 87 -24.178762, 149.812568
    Wowan - Roadhouse 61 -23.912063, 150.193840
    Dululu 11 -23.845305, 150.262542
    Mount Morgan 30 -23.650581, 150.387129
    Bouldercombe 17 -23.570091, 150.469428
    Gracemere - Finish 17 -23.438380, 150.457157
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  2. It was pretty cool to come home from work, grab a beer and just kick back and flick through all the photo's.
    Appreciate the effort in presentation and thanks for taking the time to do it.
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  3. HighettHighett Mate that looks a great little 2 day ride. Like you say not a big one it was all about the unwind which it would've been great. Very jealous, mate and i are planning a2 day 1200k ride to Tannum Sands and return from Toowoomba next month.
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  4. #4 Oldmaid, Jul 9, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2015
    Great ride HighettHighett
    lucky you to sleep out under a full moon! :)
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  5. Agree would have been very calming.
  6. until he turned into a wolf....
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  7. Damn my secret is out ..........
  8. There's something almost magical about the way in which a ride can take away the effects of a stressful time at work. A mild night under the Moon would've been pretty good too. Thanks for all the great photos and time taken to write the report HighettHighett.
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