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Staintunes for M50?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by BlackVeeTwo, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I don't want to de-baffle the OEM's, 'cos that's a 1-way ticket if you get defected.
    I understand that Staintune have pipes for the M50 that are still legal, but sound much better, give an extra 5hp and reduce weight over the OEM system by about 5kg.
    Anyone on the forum have these pipes and how do they sound? I don't want anything too obnoxious, but a nicer note, increased hp and less weight sound like a winner to me.
    Any/all thoughts or advice most appreciated.

    PS - how can I change my display name from BlueVeeFour to BlackVeeTwin?
  2. Although I no longer have the M50, I had Staintunes which a bought after a lot of research. Same as you, I wanted a decent sound that wasn't too obnoxious. Imported pipes IMHO are too loud and sound like crap on an 800 anyway.

    I wasn't quite sold on the look of the Staintunes initially, but I ended up being very happy with the purchase. They are well made and sound great. I got plenty of positive comments from other riders and from the guys who serviced the bike. Staintune do claim they're at the 94dba legal limit, but I have to say that they could sound pretty loud at times. Nothing too obnoxious though!

    You need to have a good stainless polish on hand (use a marine grade polish) because they will tarnish, and they do take on a slight golden glow after a while. I think that adds to the look and it wasn't a big deal to give them a polish each time I washed the bike.

    I didn't particularly notice an improvement in power, but the bike was certainly smoother through the rev range.

    I'd definitely recommend them.

  3. After deciding to fit Staintunes, I scored a near new pair of Staintunes on ebay for half new price. Look & sound great, although a bit loud, with no power dips anywhere. I have since fitted a K&N filter and a TFI fuel controller, as it was hunting a bit at small throttle openings.
    Runs excellent now.
  4. I've fitted mine now too. Very happy! Very VERY happy with them! Sound awesome and it does feel smoother throughout the rev range. O2 Sensor was a bit tricky but got there in the end.

    Cleaned it all up and went for a burble round the local 10min loop - lovely sound - not obnoxious at all but definitely a nicer, cleaner note! Might just be me loving the sound already, but it does seem to pick up revs a bit quicker too, which would make a bit of sense as they're basically open shotties!

    Did I mention they sound horn? Compared with the OEM anyways! :))