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Staintune has lost me!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. As you all may know, I traded in the Yam FJR on a new Blackbird.

    As I had a set of pretty new Staintunes from the FJR, I thought I would ask Staintune if they would convert mine over to fit the Blackbird - fairly simple to my mind - cut off the extension pipe running between the cans and the headers and weld on the Blackbird version to my existing cans..

    In their reply, they advised me that to do THAT!, would cost more or less the same as buying a complete knew twin system to suit the Blackbird, and they can sell me those...$1200 approx...

    WHAAA!!!!!???...so much for providing some genuine service to an existing customer...They could have won me over for life - instead they've lost me forever!

    I replied and requested that they sell me the pair of extensions, and I'll arrange my own welding...but I hold little hope of getting them for a reasonable price, if at all.

  2. Bah, gayintunes, go see Ken at Megacycle, at least he's a reasonable human
  3. Yeah I'm not that impressed with them.

    I rang them once to get a set of pipes for the Old Laverda, knowing that they once made these. They refused to even consider breaking out the old jigs.

    Same thing with my current bike. When I asked if a bandit or RF900 system could be adapted they just ignored that part of my email.

    I got the impression it wasn't that they couldn't do it, rather they just couldn't be bothered.

    I won't even approach them for my next bike.
  4. They make good quality pipes, but they are no longer interested at all in doing anything except off the shelf systems it's been my experience.

    A shame really because they used to do one offs on a regular basis.
  5. I think you did the right thing Raven in asking for a union pipe that you would get welded on... if they turn that down (or try to stop you with a prohibitive price) then you can be sure they're fairly cynical toward their customers.

    While ST are a bigger company than others, and thus might not be bothered with 'difficult' requests, almost all the other pipe distributors (Megacycle, Magnum/Laser, Pipemasters etc) are very decent.
  6. and i was gonna ask them about a little something for the SPADA.

    guess i'll look elsewhere then.
  7. I rang 'em looking for a can for my Sprint. It wasn't listed in their price list, but they did have one for the equivalent year Speed Triple (identical mechanicals). They basically said that the link pipe and bracket were different, but since demand for that model was so low they weren't interested.

    I figure if its that easy and they still won't do it then someone else deserves the business more.
  8. The funny thing is they are not that big. They are just a few guys in a industrial apartment down in Mittagong.

    I guess when you get free plugs from all the Australian jorno's all the time then you can be confident you will always get enough busniess.

    That's what you call "product placement". Placing free products in the hands of journalist. :wink:
  9. I will indeed, Vic...maybe they might not mind coming up with a set of union pipes for me to convert it over..
  10. Welll,well....Just got a reply to my request for a replacement set of Union pipes...No surprise there...they will NOT sell them to me!!!!!!!!, since they "Do not sell componeny parts"...
    Nice eh!...Bunch of a*seholes!...

  11. raven
    go see any decent exhaust place that has ability to mandrel bend pipes and just get some made up
    performence exhaust in ringwood opposite mazda in ringwood could be a good start
    hope this helps
  12. Yeah, thanks Dennis.
    I was talking to a bloke at work who does our heavy welding - turns out he is experienced in Stainless Steel, and reckons he'll be able to fashion a set of Union Pipes for me.
    There are a few snags that need attention like the center stand detent bracket etc, but he reckons that's not too big of a deal.
    I have written to Megacycle to see if they can/would be interested in doing it (being a bike exhaust specialist)...If not, the fellah at work is ready to pitch in.

    Stuff Staintune and the horse they rode in on...I'll never buy anything from them again, Dennis...eurgh!
  13. +1

    This is a good Idea. I had it done for a pipe for my old GS500E at a car exhaust place in Fairfield. The end result was fine by me and at $60 I thought it was a good deal. After all, it is only a piece of bent pipe.
  14. I put a Staintune on my spada. It was the one made for the VTR250, so I had to customise the measurements as the instructions were not quite right but aside from that it was hawt. I LOVED IT and recommended it to every other spada and VTR rider I knew. I spoke with Staintune on the phone, who were very helpful and supportive and even sent me a special noise label thing with the spada details on it.