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Staintune Exhaust Cost

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by En, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. hey,
    am thinking of getting a VTR250 and put a staintune exhaust on it. am wondering about the basic costs for one on a VTR250?

  2. Depending where you buy...somehwere from $600-$650

    You will not believe the difference in sound.

    It also changes the feel of the bike significantly.
  3. cheers mate, yeah have a short movie of one with a staintune exhaust taking off and i cannot believe how good it sounds - but i would pay so much more for the noise it makes! 600 bucks is a bloody bargin!
  4. En,

    As I have only just joint ( and such cannot send PM's ) would you be able to either post a link to the video or PM the video to me.

    Thanks Heaps.

    TimVTR250 :D
  5. the video is somewhere on this site assuming the link is still active. otherwise i *might* have it on dvd somewhere.

    That video doesnt even give you a good feel for the noise because he starts off in front of the cam and is too far away before it kicks in. The noise at about 8-9k is awesome :)

    My girlfriend of nearly 7 years barred me and a few days later I went out and bought the pipe with money I dont have and was stressing all day about it. Got to my mates house and we had it on in about 10 minutes (assuming you own powertools) and as soon as I started it up I knew it was money well spent.

    The damn thing is making me feel like I am going through a midlife crisis in my mid 20's. :p