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Stainless Steel Scratches

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by JP, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know of a product that would polish out slight scuff marks on chrome surfaces? My staintune exhuast has a few scuffs on it from the previous owner, and I've been buying some cleaning products to detail the bike and was wondering about a chrome polish. Thanks

  2. How bad are the scratches?
    Something like Autosol will get minor marks out pretty well, for deeper marks you're going to need to do some wet sanding first (unless they've gone through the chrome layer - in which case there's f-all you can do other than get it re-chromed).
  3. Well the scratches don't look deep, but you can feel them if you go over them with a fingernail. Is wet sanding something that I can do myself, or is that a specialist job?
  4. Hit it with the autosol first and see how you go. It will remove 90% of scratches.
  5. Wet sanding is certainly something you can do yourself, you just need some wet/dry paper and water. Basically fine grade (ie 1200-2000 grit) wet/dry does exactly the same as something like Autosol, it just removes more metal faster (and will need to be followed by something like Autosol as a final polish stage). But if you're not sure what it needs then definitely try just using Autosol first.
  6. +1 to the wet and dry, starting with 1200 grit, then 2000, and finish with polish, and btw stain tunes aren't chrome, they are stain less steel, if it was deep scratches in chrome it would rust, and you wouldn't be able to fix it very easily at all, with out getting the chrome peeled off and re-plated
  7. +1 ^^^
  8. Many thanks guys :) Looks like I'll be hunting down some Autosol. Will let you know how it goes.
  9. Had the same problem on my CBR250RR...

    Autosol or brasso will do you just fine.
  10. autosol is WAY too aggressive and wetsanding even more so. If you don't know what ur doing with wetsanding, ur going to do more damage than good.

    Try mothers powerball and metal polish for a fairly cheap off the shelf product. That will be good to clean stainless steel, metal (engine) etc.
  11. chrome is also extremely hard, the others won't cut it, you need an abbrasive polish to even have any really effect on it, but really once chrome os sctratched that is it at the end of the day
  12. Already plenty of suggestions - here's one more - Purple Metal Polish. Use sparingly, you won't need much. Should be available at a truck shop.
  13. Umm perhaps it needs to be pointed out that this is a STAINTUNE exhaust.

    NOT chrome. Stainless. Softer than chrome, much easier to polish, but also easier to scratch.
  14. Autosol is pretty abrasive..If you can feel the scratches then hit it with the Autosol, but if you want to get a nice finish as opposed to leaving very fine scratches from the Autosol, I'd also grab some Mothers Mag & Aluminium Polish. This stuff is far less abrasive than Autosol and works wonders for getting a killer shine - I used to use this stuff under the bonnet on my Rx7 on the plenum, turbo, intercooler pipes etc..it's awesome stuff.