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Stainless bolt kits?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by incitatus, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Does anybody know of an Australian or NZ supplier of complete stainless bolt kits for motorcycles? I know of a good US supplier who specialised in BMW's http://www.theboltguy.com/ but the complete kits are heavy, so freight is pretty steep.

  2. You'd be nuts to buy overseas........

  3. Go screw yourself....

    :p :D
  4. I don't like this thread.
  5. Then bolt off somewhere else if you won't pitch in. :p :D
  6. Ha! So - you think my wit worth BA?
  7. I am dia-metrically opposed to this argument
  8. Dunno anyone in Oz as such ... I got mine through http://stores.ebay.com.au/MOTORRAD-WOLF .. they're in Germany ... could be worth a look. I got a complete kit for my bike landed here for just under AUD$50 (incl shipping), early this year. At the time, they offered either 9.00 Euro regular mail or 14.00 Euro airmail shipping.
  9. I didn't know BMW's had bolts. I though they were just cast in one piece
  10. Don't know about stainless but there's a company called Australian Motorcycle Components that does sell aluminium and titanium bolts for BMWs and other bikes.
  11. I wouldn't recomend aluminium ones.

    Someone in the past history of my bike has put them on it and many are now missing because they are easily stripped when ovetightened.

    Now the bike looks like shit, because it has all these odd bolt. Plus I think blue anodised bolts look wanky
  12. Not nearly as bad as these

  13. Typical of my luck, great pricing, reasonable shipping...and they don't do kits for BMW's!....they are bloody German for Dogs sake!
  14. In the words of the late great Count R. Sunk, "Tap into punnery and Die"
  15. See earlier thread re great mileage, maybe they figure BMWs are never going to need new bolts!

    But, yeah, crazy isn't it? Bet you find some made in Korea, or India, or something equally unexpected.
  16. Ohmygoddd. . .. How tops are those mate?

  17. i had a friend order titanium bolts from http://www.tastynuts.com. apparently their shipping was quite reasonable. not sure if they do stainless steel and/or BMW though.
  18. Hee hee tasty nuts...
  19. A few of those on your bike & it'd start to look like one of the floats from the night time parade at Disneyland.
  20. But the car next to you would look like it was in a sniper's sights....