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Stagg Gloves Review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Nihilil, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Stagg1small. Stagg2small.
    My joe rocket sonic gloves got a hole so it was time for some new gloves. Picked these up for cheap second hand seemingly unused, not much info out there so it's review time. They are made by Stagg, a Melbourne company who I know not much about. In terms of features it seems to be a fairly bog standard if slightly gaudy design with armour in all the right places with the exception of the thumb which seems odd. They include what seems to be a good amount of padding and insulation on the top of the glove making them pleasingly warm with winter on the way. The grip side is uninsulated meaning feel remains good and my heated grips still work. Break in was/is very easy, applied leather conditioner last night and wore them on one ride today, they have already started feeling quite comfortable. One thing I'm not sold on is the design of the cuff, it's too bulky to fit inside my jacket sleeve but doesn't seem quite right on the outside, maybe I just have too small a wrist. Overall a satisfying glove I feel will serve me well.

  2. Thanks NihililNihilil for the review.

    I have a similar designed glove and i ended up cutting the wrist velcro strap off in the end as it started coming apart. I think it was more so a design fault than anything else.

    I didn't really see a benefit in the wrist strap so was an easy decision to remove them both.

    I look forward to your 1 / 3 month review of the gloves after some extended use and how they hold up.


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  3. Update: They are very warm and comfortable, finding it easy to justify not fixing my heated grips(joining nichrome is a pita) even after riding in the rain several times.
  4. Yes, mechanical metal crimps with no plastic coating is your best bet.