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Stacked the cbr600

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by noobie_rider, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Guys,
    Stacked my beloved 05 CBR600 RR on the weekend. All's well, however, the right side fairing and cowling were cracked. Not really sure whether to take it to a dealer and get OEM fairings or go to a panel beater or a wrecker to find second had fairing? What do guys recommend i should do?

    I live around the western suburbs area of melb.
  2. bad luck mate. Post some pic and give us a look.
  3. Your two best options (assuming you're not going through insurance) are:

    #1 - check around the wreckers for an undamaged fairing in the same colours... Unlikely.

    #2 - plastic weld and respray. A cheaper fix, and a good plastic welder can do a job so well it's very hard to spot.

    New fairings come at an eye-popping price... But then, your bike is pretty new, and that sort of thing can kill the resale value. If that wasn't a factor, I'd get the cracks welded and not worry about it.
  4. I just paid $400 to have the fairing on the mighty GPX welded and resprayed - don't don't if was expensive or not but he did a great job
  5. Do you have details of the shop where you had it repaired.
  6. Find out how much the OEM panels cost. I was surprised to find that some models have fairing panels, already coloured with your models livery, for relatively low cost (e.g. I got a belly pan cover for about $210, repair was close to $350).
    Next use e-bay etc. and look for fairing kits or replacements.
    Take them to a service dealer for replacement, they do it in like an hour.

    Else use a good body repairer.

    Bike Magic in Moorabain is good.
  7. Where did you get your OEM panels from?
  8. I have a Yamaha and Honda. The panels are available from their spare parts centre (usually the dealer). Just ring them up, email them a pic of the panel part and they can get you a part number and price pretty quick.

    Also there are some dealers on the inter-net that sell complete body kits and spares (many are UK based). You can mail order the part for your bike and get the service centre to install it for you (or DIY).
  9. Bro u can plastic weld em urself
    My mate did it for me with a soldering iron, putty, sandpaper and a can of spray paint
    it set me back 30 bux and i owe him one LOL
  10. or sell me your bike cheap cheap :grin:
  11. What colour? I have some 04 panels which may fit.
  12. You happen to have the same bike I do, and mine had damaged fairings too.
    Front Cowling is about $1300 from Honda, side fairings are around $500. (Thats painted I think, I dont know if it includes stickers) That was from a local sydney motorcycle store.
    You'll also find wreckers/people on ebay selling OEM panels are asking $100+ on these type of items, and thats for scratched/cracked ones
    Another option is aftermarket fairings, search around on ebay theres one that sells whole painted kits, the quality isnt as good as honda oem, but at a fraction of the cost theyre not bad.
    If you had crashed on the other side I might of been able to sell you something :LOL:
    If youre comprehensively insured it may be worthwhile making a claim after you run up all the costs.

    If your fairings are all still in one peice (no parts broken off) I would probably get them welded and repainted.
  13. +1
    Re-sale is your biggest issue here, for such a new bike, evidence it has been down the road will significantly affect the value. And factory fairings are anything but reasonably priced.
  14. I'll be taking the bike to a repair shop in spotswood today to get a quote.
    Thanks to im.on.it for recommending Vic Motorcycle Wreckers - they have a full set of '05 Telefonica fairings for $1800. If the qoute for repairs are even close to $1000 then i may aswell get a whole new set and see if i can get a deal on the existing fairings. What do you guys reckon?
  15. Spray paint + gaff tape.
  16. yea. get a telefonica fairing. they look good. just bear in mind that if u get new fairings all round and u drop the bike again it could be costly.

    might pay to practice a bit more and get confidence up before investing in new fairings.
  17. Streetfighter it!!!

    ....Come on, you know you want to !