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Featured Stacked my bike

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by bluebear, May 18, 2015.

  1. Last friday was a sad day, and also the same day I started a new job. Went straight over a local roundabout, on a ride testing my new kevlar jeans for warmth. stupidly was a bit wide to begin with. Collected some round pebbles on the bitumen and slid out a bit, I saved the back end, but was too far forward to make the exit, so I did some offroading over some 45 degree guttering (thank f**k) and through some roughage and ended up back on the road, except on my side.

    Nah, i'm okay and lucky. I was wearing all my gear and it truly saved my arm, the leather sleeve is fine but the liner is melted to nothing. The bike is not so fine, usual stuff like bent bars broken lever. The right side cover ripped off too, and the ruined bit inside which I assume is a bit like a distributor is just hanging by its cables

    Lucky I started a new job!
  2. Sorry to hear man, that sucks. Thankfully your pretty much unscathed.

    Hopefully you at least learn a lesson from it.....
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  3. glad to hear you are okay bluebearbluebear - bikes can be fixed - take it easy and make sure you go to the doctors if things start to hurt etc
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  4. Definitely a lesson learnt. My initial position was way off and I knew it as soon as I entered the roundabout. Another lesson in proper gear as well.
  5. Good to hear you are unscathed. Sorry to hear you have damaged the bike. Are you going to fix it yourself? Insurance?

    As Gooza said any incident you should take time to look at the circumstances and learn from it. Self analysis makes you a better rider.
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  6. Thanks guys, I don't have insurance and only paid 2k for the bike, but I should be able to fix it fairly cheaply. I think I'm going to have trouble with a few threads on the casing that have been completely destroyed though.

    I agree, self analysis makes one a better everything!
  7. Really sorry to hear about your stack bluebearbluebear! Good thing you were not hurt too badly. Lesson learnt the hard way is the one that is never forgotten though. Good luck with fixing your ride and stay safe :)
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  8. What a bummer! Hope you can find the bits for your bike at the right price.
  9. sorry to hear about your bike, glad your ok. congrats on the new job :]
  10. Really sorry to hear about your bike and glad you're okay.
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  11. Congrats on the new job, glad to hear you are ok, as previously mentioned, see the sawbones if you get pain etc. Good luck with fixing the bike, hope you are back riding real soon.
  12. Looks like it's going to be about $600 to get the parts I need..signal generator, rotor, all the bolts and the whole right side cover :( does anyone have any experience getting parts from bikebandit.com? I can save about $150 if I can go through them and I've teed up a backyard mechanic who says he can get it done in a couple of hours. Then I've still got tyres bars and a brake lever to get lol, fun times ahead!

    My arms nearly healed up though, the new job is going well and ive been offered a second one which should help haha
  13. Good to hear your repairs are progressing. No personal experience with bikebandit.com but a lot of others here have used them over the years and I can't recall anybody posting they had problems.
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  14. Well yes... having 2 arms is generally regarded as being helpful :)

    PS Sorry about your crash, hope the bikes up and going soon (and you).
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  15. During particularly trying repairs I have thought a third would be useful. ;)
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  16. perhaps you could send an email to a local wrecker and see what they can do for you?
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  17. After squirming at the idea of a $600 repair i did actually hit up a wrecker in NSW who will send me the parts for $200..huge breath out!
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  18. Excellent news!
    Put the $400 you saved into a bike "rainy day" fund :)