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stacked it again!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zenyatta_Mondatta, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. well tonight i fell off the bike again, right at my driveway.
    I couldn't see the entry to the driveway because the street light was out, and i aimed for what I thought was the driveway and I suddenly see the kerb coming towards me very quickly so i decide to hit the brakes, and down I go. I'm pretty short and if the bike topples over a fair amount and I'm not ready for it, I can't usually stop it from falling over.
    A similar thing happened a few months ago when i was riding the bike at low speed through my front yard and coming across a hill, and my foot didn't touch the ground and I lost balance and tipped over.
    Coincidentally on both occasions I'd just filled the tank.

    Tonight it occured to me that the difference between an almost empty and a full tank would be about 14 kilos at the top of the bike. I think it affects my ability to keep the bike upright and I don't account for the extra weight.

    I'm female, 5'5" and the bike is a ZZR250. I can sometimes pick it up off the ground by myself but I really struggle. Has anyone else noticed this difference on a new tank of fuel or am I just making excuses?

  2. for a minute there I thought you were going to say that the bike caught fire :shock:

    experience will solve most riding problems
  3. hehehe thats funny, don't spose you got video footage?

    I'm sure i'll do worse when i get my license
  4. You're just making excuses.

    The lesson from this is.... Don't ride into a driveway you can't see. If the lights are out, slow down and look for it. If you can't see the driveway then you haven't found it yet. :wink: :)
  5. yes well in retrospect it seems like the silliest thing ever but at the time i didn't think i was going to fall over did i lol...

    oh dear i felt like a fool! lucky it was so dark haha no one saw
  6. Shoulda given it more gas, you coulda cleared the gutter easy! At least then, if you stacked the bike would have been a bit lighter :grin:

    But yeah, the unexpected weight can throw your balance off, especially on a lighter bike like the ZZR.

    Hope you & the bike aren't too badly dinged.
  7. You are right in that a full tank will make the bike heavier and so if you lean it over when stopped or almost stopped you will have a harder time holding it.

    That said Seany also has a valid point and you should note it.

    How hard did you hit the brakes and was it the front brake? At low speed if you hit the front hard the forks will dive and when it rebounds it can be hard to keep upright. If you had the bars turned while you did this, the front wheel will also try to collapse and take the bike straight to the ground. This is the classic newbie (and sometimes not so newbie) slow speed drop.
  8. ohhhhh no good girl :) , you ok?

    and did u fix that tyre?

    now if u came to homebush tonight things could of been different hehe
  9. A full tank makes a big difference on the 250's. I nearly found out the hard way when I suddenly had to stop a low-speed turn with my front brake (very dumb idea). The bike essentially tried to topple itself opposite to the direction of the front wheel.

    I'm only about 5'7" and I found it hard to handle, so I can imagine the difficulty you face.
  10. im sorry but how can you not see a driveway?
    isnt this why you have a headlight, to see when there is no other available light??
    i think you should not worry about the weight of a tank of petrol, and be more concerned about your guessing where you are going. you sound to literally be riding blind. would you ever guess where a corner is and when to turn in?

    get a HID kit and you'll be fine :p
  11. Yep tank o fuel makes a huge difference on a little bike, worse for my Aprilia.

    Regardless, you learn the hard way but when manouvering take it sloooooooow and carefully and keep feet down as much as you can.

    As above you are better off gassing it heaps more than letting the gas go. The bike will usually hold itself up much better. This is a reflex you have to unlearn from car driving. Same thing goes for nice twisty turns. Gassing and the bike trying to right itself essentially lets you grip more and turn faster. More than you might expect but in 99% of the cases the bike will hold a lot more than you expect it to, a la the crazy angles some people can lean in on.

    being short I've learnt if there is a ditch or some sort (ie. gutter) of small gully, just go straight through it with a little speed and then worry about stabilising after getting past it. Stopping in the dip is the worst thing you can do.
  12. i just came round the corner a little wider than i had predicted. I wasn't far off the driveway, only a foot or so, but it made all the difference. What I saw and what I thought I saw turned out to be not the same. it's much easier to be a little less careful on your own property when there's no other traffic. and yes i know this is where accidents can and do happen.

    goz, yes i'm fine haha. had the bike serviced today and the tyre didn't have a puncture, it must have deflated slowly without my noticing. i certainly will notice if it happens again though!! got new grips too. don't have to deal with sticky grips anymore. i was on my way home from work so i wouldn't have been able to be at homebush, i wanted to though!!! next time.
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    How about getting some practice lifting the bike off the deck.

    If you drop it in traffic you're going to want to be able to get it off the ground quicksmart.

    Check out youtube for some instructional video - here's one i grabbed at random.


    Obviously be kind to the bike while doing this. Work on a soft surface if possible and have an offsider helop you ease the bike down.

    Good luck - don't worry about mistakes, just try and learn from em.
  15. +1
    I'm with Robin on this one.
    A full tank of fuel will make the bike a little heavier, but until fuel becomes weightless, you are stuck with it.
  16. Buy 2 solar lights, stick one on either side of the driveway, should be good after that.
  17. even the flattest part of the entrance to the driveway has a bit of a bump and i probably didn't put quite enough throttle in too. thanks heaps for those tips, i'll watch the picking up video when i have some quiet time at work.
    and yes, the tank will be heavier with petrol, i realise that, and that in the future i have to account for that :)
  18. it's important to get all your stacking out of the way now before you drop 18 large on a good bike.
    don't sweat it. :grin:
  19. i just watched that video. they make it look so easy!!! gotta try that at home now.........hehehe

    thanks heaps!! now i know i can pick it up and not strain my back.
  20. +1 Its while your going slow that you are most likely to drop your bike when you first start riding. I shake my head when I see people buying a brand new bike to learn to ride on.