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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dale_8888, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Coming home from work last night! And was going around a corner when suddenly the bike came out from under me! I looked around and noticed gravel on the road. I was a bit disappointed! Good thing is nothing bad happened to me. Just a slight tear in the pants and tiny scuff marks on jacket and gloves.

    As for the bike the gear lever is snapped, clutch lever bent, back seat scuffed, front left indicator cover broken and of course fairings scratched and nose cone + visor smashed up.

    I thought it was a pretty good attempt at my first stack!

    Going to book it in soon to get it fixed (just the inidcator cover and gear/clutch) and I'll try and source the left mirror and fairings elsewhere :p

  2. You obviously weren't trying hard enough. Learn to crash, or something.
  3. Oopsy!

    Still better some minor broken bits on the bike than on you.
  4. He he. Which is why I was surprised I came off....wasn't trying very hard.

    Hmmmff Oh well, might have more luck next time :)
  5. So, at this point it would be redundant for me to suggest that it's a Good Idea to continually scan the road surface for 'defects' such as gravel, potholes, wombats and other things that might unsettle the bike, wouldn't it? :)

    Glad to hear you're relatively intact.
  6. Hmmm...

    I find it kind of ironic how I was purposely keeping my head up and making sure I look through the turn and not looking at the road in front of me...and then that happened...

    Oh well. I guess there's a fine line in there somewhere where you still need to have a brief look down JUUSSTT in case ;)
  7. Weeeeeeeeeeellllll, part of the point of looking through the turn (or 'down the road') is so that you'll see what's 20-30 metres away instead of 2 metres away, and can plan ahead. By the time something is 2 metres away there ain't much one can do.

    At night time it's a bit harder (in dimly lit areas) because the headlights don't cover the corner well. If in doubt, slow down. :)
  8. use peripheral vision. there are exercises in one of the twist of the wrists.
    but if you are looking turn in point, apex, exit you can usually spot any problems.
  9. That's easy stuff to do yourself, and a lot cheaper to do so :)
  10. damn.that reminds me how lucky i have been lately.
    twice in the last 2 weeks ive lost the rear end dramatically around corners where there is dust from roadworks which is almost impossible to see,and somehow managed to save it.one incident involved both tires sliding sideways.stuffed if i know how i stayed on.
  11. I suspect you may have puckered up fairly hard and caused a strong suction effect with your arse to your bike seat.
  12. yeah im trying to learn the same thing

    'looking' through the corner, not down at the road, yet still trying to keep an eye on gravel/sand/homeless dudes laying in the middle of the road..
  13. Just take corners at the speed where you can do both. It only takes a split-second's glance to check the surface (maybe the problem is with how you do it?) but if you're going so fast you can't do both, then you're going to fast for your riding capabilities.

    Night time, of course, is a bit more hit & miss! And while I'm at it, be sure to develop your scanning technique such that a siting of surface problems doesn't turn into target fixation! :)
  14. hey dude, off topic, are you from around the Elizabeth area? I pass a bike that looks like yours most days on the way to work near the Holdens factory.
  15. it's a confidence thing. and this only comes with practice. you need to be able to look ahead through the corner, while scanning the road ahead. only ever need to check the road closer to you, if you know there is shit, and your dodging bits n pieces.

    the looking far ahead thru the corner bit is having confidence in your turn, so you dont actually watch where you are going, but further ahead, where you want to go. then u get there :)

    i think that make sense haha
  16. Hmmm..............have been hiding a secret. A few months ago after a 4 year rebuild and 2 weeks back on the road I ditched my bike.

    No car at my disposal at the time so I thought bugger it a quick trip up the supermarket to get 10 kgs of potatoes would only take a tick and I could rest the bag on the tank.

    While making a right hand turn (2nd last corner from home) after admiring the stickiness of the bag to the tank without too much assistance from me, I proceeded to tip in. I tried in vain to chase it around with the steering but a spud had dropped down in a loose part of the bag and gotten stuck between the top and bottom triple clamp and the frame.

    It stopped me from standing the bike back up and instead had me laying it down nicely at about 55 kph. Mostly pride damaged and a brake lever foot knob.

    Phew that feels good. The truth is out.

    I told all my friends I'd hit gravel. I felt it would attract more sympathy than ridicule. It worked with chorus's of bloody councils to the NSW RTA and beyond.

    "cept this time it was MY fault. oops!