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Stack Munkey is DOWN again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bangr, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Howdy all

    Going to work this morning . On Blackburn rd and came to a section of road that was two lanes , went up the left hand lane (at speed limit) and was greeted by a lady doing a right hand turn infront of my , and I mean infont of me. Hit her in the left rear whell , from there all was very interesting.

    There was a Gardening centre a little down the road , I was aiming for the a pile of leaves and crap to land the Buell on (see last crash and VTRs comments). But did not make it that far , I may of got there had I of pushed of her boot with my legs and not my head.

    I am Ok , have agrivated the left shoulder (see last crasah) but did work for the day , and rode home.

    This time the Buell did not get off so light , left front indicator , mirror , cluck lever , gear lever , foot peg , front gaurd , engine covers , bar ends , ect.

    The New Titech helmet had a fair old belt as well , bugger only 4 weeks old.

  2. Shit mate! That's no good at all. I know what it's like though. I once got T-boned like that so you have all the sympathy I can muster for you. :(

    At least you weren't hurt more seriously. Here's hoping your shoulder and bike get fixed up quickly for you. :)
  3. Bad news!

    Here's to a speedy recovery (both you and bike).
  4. Ouch! Not good. Thankfully you walked away from there without major injury. Hope the bike's fixed soon.
  5. Thanks all , hope to get the bike repaired soon.
  6. Geez Bren..

    I can sympathise with you on the shoulder and lid, but.. but.. but.. not the beautiful Buell! :(

    Hope you and the bike are feeling better soon (and that she was at fault, and her insurance pays up promptly!)

  7. Glad you are ok, you really don't want to sell that Buell do you?

    Got all her details I hope and sic the insurance goons on her.
  8. all sorted , it goes into the shop in the morning , any one got a scooter I can borrow ? :LOL: :rofl:
  9. Any drop u can walk away from and go to WORK is a good one.
    (dunno about the work bit tho.)
  10. mate bad to hear about ur buel
    but at least u walked away
    hope u all the best mate..
  11. Sorry to hear about your hit and slide, I had that happen to me as a pillion a few years ago and it put the wind up me, I came through without a scratch or dint, but my partner certainly was an unattractive sight.

    From what I have read, this has happened to you before, have you considered changing your name (Stack) are you calling it!!! to you,? :wink:

    Hope you and your Buell are up and running together real soonnnnn!!!!!

    :grin: :angel:
  12. Not the Buell :shock: :shock: :cry: Its good that your in one piece tho and walked away relatively unscathed... I can't believe you went to work :-s
  13. How much did you just want to hit this stupid specimen of the female species (I hope she hasn't bred already), that really irks me. :evil: :evil:
  14. lets just see how we feel in the morning , bowling could be another thing .
  15. I don't think one should actually let the bike know when its nearly time to sell - bad things seem to happen :shock: Glad to hear you're ok tho' & hopefully not too sore in the morning :)
  16. Not good Bren.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  17. What a bugger. Sorry to hear. Glad you arent to bad though.
    Hope the buell is fixed asap so you arent stuck driving the cage for to long. See you at Debs tonight before bowling.
  18. :shock:
    Geez...not again.....you know the thing with motorbikes is...they go faster when you stay on them... :LOL:
    Glad to hear you are relatively OK ...AGAIN...
    The Buell is jinxed you know....the bikes know when they are about to go...this time it tried to get you to go first.. :LOL: :LOL: Sorry, bad joke I know...but I'm allowed to laugh :grin:
    You could always get some work as an acrobat/ stunt rider.. :LOL: :oops:
    Ok, I'll stop teasing you now....
    You know I have a pillion seat and rear pegs now...so you can go biatch on the SP-2 if you want.. :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Bugger mate, that's not good. :( I hope your shoulder gets better and the Buell is back on the road in no time. :)

  20. That really bites!
    Hope you heal up quickly..