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Stack Monkey Is Off The Road - now with pic's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bangr, May 16, 2006.

  1. Howdy all , went for my last ride for a while today (god blessed me with the weather). I get my knee op done on thur and will be out of action for a while , they are saying no driving for 12 weeks (this sucks). :furious:

    So I will be reading all you riding posts and be hating you all.

    Will be over night only , come and visit if you wish thur night , I think the thur night coffee is going to be held in my ward. :)

    I will be at THE Avenue - 40 the avenue windsor . runs between high st and dandy raod.


    They said no driving. They didn't say no riding.

    Have they been giving you drugs already :LOL:

    Best of luck with the operation and i'm sure there will be lots of offers to drive you around (You supply the car :grin: )


    You will be at my mercy..........:evil:

    I'll find you and turn your heating up to 35c and fry the rest of your brain cells :LOL:

    I'll see you on Thursday :)
    I start work at 6pm.
    I guess you'll be on the Patterson ward ;)
  5. Why? What's wrong with tomorrows weather report. :wink:
  6. see you there vic . That means we can have a later visiting night.
  7. Sorry to hear about your op. Hope all goes well.

    At least it's winter, Bren :grin:
  8. Bren, all the very best for your operation - whilst the recuperation period seems long - you will have the rest of your life to enjoy the benefits of a knee that works properly! Good luck with it all.
  9. I hope it all goes well Bren...

    If you need a wheel chair, let me know as I have a shiny black one here!! Or a trolley on wheels... crutches (being a short arse, they are youth size) .... and I do recommend coles online!!!

    Let us know if you need anything and we can laugh and tell you Frankston is too far away!!! :)

  10. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Bren.
    And as mentioned I'll see if we can get you along to a track day when you're ready.
  11. Kanola - blow it out your ass . I will come over and kick you were it hurts . I am staying the first two weeks at my sister across the road from the hospital , so will be looking to spunge a caged ride to a few coffees I think.

    I was packing my bag and the first thing I packed was my walking syick , how sad it that.
  12. Hope all goes well with your op.

    Maybe when they told you not to drive for 12 weeks they were being over-cautious? For your sake, I hope so.

    Many healing thoughts going your way,

    edit for spelling
  13. G - Hmmm track day , I f&^%ing hate you .
  14. Hope it all goes well, mate, I'm sure the sharing, caring Melbourne Netrider community will be overflowing with sympathy and offers of help .... to keep your bike warm while you're recouperating :LOL:
  15. Hey Bren, im finally on line. Kate told me bout your op. hope it goes well and you dont go too stir crazy bein off the road.
  16. Geez stack you so old and past it, that's all you got?? ;)

    Besides I think it was a genuine offer, as the wheel chair is more comfy that Ozzi's stools at Cleo's :)
  17. Good luck with the op, Bren! :grin:
  18. Good luck with it bren hope all goes well. Will call in thursday if your not gunna be to out of it on pain killers :grin:

    Im in thursday week for the shoulder but by the sounds of it Ill be back in the saddle before you mate :bolt: :driver: na youll be right mate catch thursday

  19. All the best Bren, milk the sympathy for all its worth. (if you get any) :p

    Hope you heal fast. When do they think you will actually be walking around again?
  20. good luck mate.. enjoy the drugs, the nursesand all the attention..

    maybe we should have a "stack monkeys" memorial ride up through the spurs one fine weekend or something?

    :D :D :D :D