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Stack/Insurance Info Needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rodgerdodger, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Hey all, just a quick question on the extent of insurance coverage. My mate recently broke his foot helping out at his girlfriends place and I, being the fantastic person I am, offered to ride his bike home (and around) for him.

    Now as I was getting near home a car pulled out of a side street blocking the road. Naturally I jammed on the brakes and did my best to miss it. I had right of way and still can't believe she didn't see me but in either case I had no chance of stopping at that distance and the bike went down through a combination of the heavy braking and instinct making me attempt to steer away from the car (the heavy braking making a mess of this).

    She (the driver) has accepted full responsibility and everything seems to be fine insurance wise, only the right hand side fairing was damaged and it should be fixed soon enough, but can my helmet be replaced?

    Having never had any dealings with insurance claims I have no idea what the situation is; the helmet cetainly isn't visibly cracked, only a few scratches, but from manufacturers warnings etc replacing it would seem wise. Do I have to cover the cost of this or will her company car insurance policy (no idea of the specifics, insured with GIO) cover this associated cost of the stack?

  2. Yep, when you send in a quote, send in the cost of replacing all of the protective gear you were wearing at the time. And if they try to claim depreciation on said gear, tell em to jam it up their arse, you want old for new replacement or you'll take 'em to court. (which they will loose btw)
  3. Get a couple of quote for a new helmet and sent copies of those to GIO.
    They might ask for the old one to verify damage. (take it along to the shops to verify/ strengthen your claim.
    Shouldn't be a problem.
  4. i know on my insurance policy i asked about this and my helmet is consider part of the bike and is covered upto the valve of $550.00, but jacket/pants/boots/gloves aren't cover and if damaged i have to replace myself.

    So if i was you i would also get a qoute on a new helmet as part of the bike being replaced
  5. Thats only if your at fault. If the accident was caused by someone else then they/their insurance has to cover it. After all why should you be out of pocket??
  6. yeah sorry foxy, your right their insurance will/should pay for it, but was just stating that all five insurance companies i spoke to classed bike and helmet as one with a claim.

    Could be wrong but just going of what i was told over the phone :)
  7. Your correct if its an at fault accident and I might add pretty lucky if even your helmet is covered.
  8. ah ok cool, well learn something new everyday
  9. Yo....it's a third party claim. Good advice from the Fox :D
  10. I my recent dealings with a third party claim, my insurance was broken into three parts.

    First was towing and storage of the bike, this included the first tow storage and will cover the second tow once i have a recipt for it.

    Then there was the bike itslef. This was the bike plus any modifications. basically how would it cost you to get the bike in this state of tune/disrepair depending what the case is. ( you will need an assesor to quote on this make sure you nagotiate with them on this as they will try and only do the standard bike not any mod's but you can get it added. the insurance company will supply there own assesor.

    Lastly ws my protective gear. My mechanic who helped with the bike assesment helped me to get quotes and values then the insurance gave me the value they would then give me (this included depriciation but did not include my mobile phone that was damaged). My advise here ask what has been covered and go thru each item you want covered as they have to tell you if it has not been covered. Once you know what the value covers start the talks on how much you think it should be covered for. They will try and bully you by telling you how much longer it will take to approv the changes but stick with it they will give you full value of everything when you explain that you need to buy new equipment unless they can show you where to buy an item for the value they will give you.

    Funny story time: my mobile was not covered, after i aksed them if they intended me to stick my sim up my Ar$e to make a phone call the insurance company conceded that they would give me money for it's replacement.