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Stabby's <new> KTM-P

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by StabbyTMP, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. While I might cop a fair amount of crap for my taste in ride - well at least from my friends who ride sports, but this bike is freaking awesome regardless!

    '10 KTM 990 SMT

    Tall pricks need look no further.

    I'm not exactly tiny about 6'4" - and this thing is just pure sex, it would be about the most comfortable and light (at least it feels light) bike I've had the pleasure of riding. Much lighter feeling than my old hornet, even if the actual weight difference is only a couple of kilos in favour of the KTM, and god damn I love the torque - I can hardly wait until the engine is run in - which is my only real gripe at this stage - Ive had it for a week (10 days) - and now I can barely ride it anywhere as my appointment for the first 1000k service isn't for another week... FFS.

    But the thought of being able to actually open up the throttle makes me turgid.

    Anywho, onto the reason why anyone clicks on these threads, the pictures


    and no... I don't have bobbins yet, they are still on order.

  2. Turgid is a gross word.

    Nice bike, though.
  3. Honestly one of the weirdest styled bikes I've seen. KTM goes pretty whacky sometimes but in all honesty it's a good weird :)

    Reminds me of the B King styling in the sense that people either love it or hate it.

    Would be a very fun bike to ride :) As for the run in, just ride it hard. Don't go smashing limiter etc but give it some WOT and take the revs up somewhere towards the top. Soft run in = soft motor. Never had an engine give in yet (and my car engine is pushed quite hard).
  4. Looking good!

    Would love to know what you think of it as a package further down the line; The SM-T is definitely aimed squarely at the Tiger 1050's "tall sports-tourer" gig, with virtually identical fueltank, power, displacement, wheelbase, weight, height...
  5. firstly turgid is an awesome word.

    Mitch, I can see how you could compare the two, it was the oddest thing when my girlfriend said it looked like an Eva (Neon genesis: Evangelion - a series that I loved) and I hadn't noticed it before, but she was right, the panel work looks like the armor. And I'll give the engine a little more juice next time I'm out, not going to start bouncing the limiter or anything... But is it normal for 6th gear to be practically useless for... well.. everything? at 3.5k its doing 100kph - and it fells a little uncomfortable down that low, it smooths out at 4+

    Spots, yes, yes I will, Aesthetically speaking however, I do prefer this.

    haven't really thrown it into any corners yet... as the last couple of pictures may tell, but I'm working on it, just feels a little odd going over that far from the high riding posi. and still building confidence on this machine - would rather not be binning it anytime soon/ever.
  6. Long-term report please!

    I'm thinking this is getting close to being the ideal bike for east-coast oz riding/touring...although not with the standard ktm soft panniers (gay)..

    SW Motech does some good "bobbins" for em...

    Keep this thread alive with whatever issues you find with the bike (y)
  7. awwrriggght

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  8. Very nice bike you got there
  9. is wicked :D

    have fun, let us know what it's like for touring... i might be getting one in a few years... who knows!
  10. +1

    That is an awesome looking bike!!! Congrats!
  11. ok well here is an update,
    due to work recently I have had little time to go for any really long rides, a 3 hours stretch is about the longest done so far, hoping that tomorrow pans out a little better.

    Issues to date:
    squeaky rear brake - this only seems to occur when braking from under 45~50, but when using from a greater speed it doesn't seem to occur.

    fuel consumption - higher than I would have liked but not too retarded - although once again due to most of my time spent in retarded traffic with retarded cagers and trucks, my willingness to split is reduced.

    Still the seat is comfortable, and Like the overall height.
    stopping speed is good.
    and acceleration is well... very much present.

    I have on order a of knobs, and have sent an email to Hepco & Becker about an official word on hard case mounts for this model - despite the branded KTM mounts and plastic cases are just mini Gobis, they do not list it as a bike they supply carriers for.... yet. and I would tend to agree with Mowster's mini pannier opinion - especially as they retail here for 500+ but a set of real cases are most definitely on my list.

    the boot size is pretty good on the T, room for a slightly expanded toolkit - still needs more expansion, an autocom system, a radio and mini first aid kit.

    the standard rear rack is sufficient for everything I've stuck to it so far, but they've done something weird to it - ill take a picture after I give her a wash today - but they've stiffened the rack using a gently sloping brace.

    Things to do:
    Take her on a decent sized ride - have an overnighter planned in May
    Take her on some twisties.
  12. I do envy you the extra 15ps.

    Both front and rear brakes will squeal. I changes pads on my 950 to SBS ceramic (671HF) and it's gone away. Not quite as vicious, either.

    What tyres are you running? (don't recognise from the pics).
  13. Conti-attacks - they are stock

    and I will have to look into new pads, as its kinda irritating pulling up next to people and sounding like a semi.


    it just seems odd that on an area that you would expect people to be strapping things to, you would make the re-enforcement sloping to aid in straps sliding off... but that just me.

    oh one more issue albeit minor:
    cleaning, being a naked there are too many nooks and crannies and I am in need of a stronger jet of water than my pump sprayer can provide.

    also muck-off bike cleaner is substandard, the bike spray and brake cleaner (they were out of brake clean) work very nicely, but the actual muck-off cleaner itself is a waste of time. back to bike gel.
  14. You get my vote, not only for buying a mental motorbike, but for using the word "turgid." Should be more of it.
  15. nice looking bike.

    i reckon i saw it parked in north melbourne yesterday... would this be true? haha.
  16. I have been known to go to North Melbourne... particularly on weekends :)
    It's my nerding time.
  17. drove right past it then. remembered it cause of the green p plate, my bike looked the same (well, it wasnt a ktm but you know what i mean ;) )
  18. sooo its been a month, and I've finally taken her down some relatively twisty roads now,
    and have been recording fuel usage, so I thought I might provide a breakdown of usage vs consumption.
    So this thing has like a 19Lt tank w/ 3.something reserve

    soooo on average city work (peak hour) w/o filtering works out to a freaking woeful 8-10L per 100K

    while freeways + twisties work out to about 5-6L per 100K

    through the spur the bike handles very well, and is still comfortable after a days riding.

    Although I am wishing that the boot was just a tiny bit bigger, guess im just going to reorganise a repack the tool kit.

    anywho - thats it for the moment