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ST1300A #2

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by John_M, May 14, 2013.

  1. John_M submitted a new showcase item:

    ST1300A #2

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  2. Have thought about an st1300, I commute mainly but would love some wind protection, havy bike in traffic? On a hornet900 at present and uncertain how wide the st is, thinking won't be able to slit or filter in the st
  3. Hi John,

    Nice to see the younger sister on here.
  4. Go for it, you won't regret it.

    Sure it's 300kg but you don't notice the weight on the move. Filtering should be ok but the mirrors are about same height as normal car ones.

    Check out www.ozstoc.com if you want to know more.
  5. out of interest, how wide is it from mirror to mirror [ends I mean] and do the mirrors fold in? I have seen a guy on kwaka gt1400 fold them in while filtering, just wondering folks :)
  6. I don't know the width your after but the mirror housings (not the mirror) are break-away.
  7. the width I am after is the overall width fromleft to right from mirror tips to see how wide the bike is.
  8. I couldn't see it being any wider than any other Sports Tourer. My K1600GT is 1m mirror to mirror.
  9. just googled it and usa site says 37 inches, 969 mm so not far off the beemer
  10. I just measured my 1100 at 94cm or 37 inches. 1300 would be about the same.
  11. cheers Alan, will compare that to my 900 hornet and see what difference there is, thinkin might be close to 6 inches :( splitting in traffic not possible
  12. you might lose out on the filtering option but the plus side is a 29 (1300) litre tank and 400 plus km range. I based that figure on my usual range before fuel warning light comes on with still 4 litres remaining in tank.
  13. and I thought my hornet with 19 ltr was doing well, think I get 230-260 before the light comes on with the last 3 litres still in tank.
  14. 400km should be easy. I get 500-550km riding on pretty average quality fuel at highway speeds (110-130kph) if I slow down it goes out to 600km. That's on the bigger K1600. If you get a white ST you don't have to filter. The gumby's have a guilt trip when they see you in their mirrors and get out of the way. Got to love looking like a cop ;)
  15. Mine has a 28 litre tank, and 400 kms 'til fuel warning light came on was usual when going to/from work. Got about the same figure towing the trailer across to Perth around 100kph.

    Worst I got was last year, came back from Broken Hill, two up and towing the trailer at 110 kph and a head wind. Ran out of fuel just after 350 kms (had spare fuel). Got back home ok but I let it run out as I suspected a fault in the fuel warning level. Light never came on.
  16. just thought I'd pop in, bought a Ninja 1000 !! splits well, comfee enough, fairings do their bit, but the screen, even though adjsutable, I have added some spacers, in highest position I am now copping the wind smack on the helmet, more 'alterations' and should be ok, till Eaglescreens create an alternative.