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ST1050 vs VFR800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by winaje, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Good morning all.

    I'll start by saying I have not ridden either bike yet, but plan to do so in the the next couple of months.

    I'm after opinions and advice, as I'm trying to decide between an ST1050 and a VFR800. Purchase to occur next year.

    I'll be riding to and from work, about 40 km each way in Melbourne traffic. I can't go the racer crouch, a broken wrist a few year ago means I need to have a fair bit of my weight on my butt. My wife and I would total about 200kg (dammit) and we want to be able to do some weekend rides, and maybe a bit of touring. I need to carry a fairly large laptop to work each day, and want the option of good luggage capacity.

    Hope that's some useful info.

    Thanks, Will
  2. After much research (I'm a sucker for punishment!), my upgrade shortlist based on similar requirements to yours consists of the two bikes you've mentioned plus the BMW F800ST which is due in December I think for 15k +ORC.

    Sorry I can't add anything aside from that, but I'd also be keen to hear comments of those who have either bike but particularly from those who may have experience with both.

    Good luck with getting your ideal solution!

  3. Can't go wrong either way, winage. The Trumpy will have an advantage in the torque stakes, but the VFR is more than capable of coping with your requirements. Try them both and go for the best deal you can get.
  4. 1 vote for the 1050. I've never understood why honda wanted to put variable valve timing on a bike.

    The 1050 is a better price than the vfr, although it may not hold its price as well over the years. The trumpy also looks to have better pillion comfort.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I like the look of both bikes, but prefer the extra size of the 1050. Am also nervous about the VTEC, especially since I like doing as much of the work on my bikes as I can.
  6. I'd go the Sprint it's dead sexy. :grin:
  7. The Sprint is an excellent bike. I've done a bunch of ks when swapping my Blackbird with a mate on long runs. Very comfortable, excellent visibility due to the upright posture, good power, shame about the (standard) sound. Its like a 3 cylinder sewing machine. Someone is making a pipe, but my mate hasn't fitted one yet so can't comment.
    Rode a Vtec VFR in the wet. I was unsure what would happen at THAT magic rev point. Just more power and noise, no dramas.
    Try ebay for bargain VFRs. No sprints so far.