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St Patrick's Day - impromptu feed

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by deyago, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    This is very last minute, but my best plans usually are :wink: . I'm thinking it would be fun to get together at the Irish pub near Sth Bank Coffee (the name escapes me) for a feed of Guiness Pie and a pint and celebrate St Patrick's Day. I'll be riding and it's still only Thursday so I'm not sugesting a full on piss-up, just an excuse to get out and have a casual feed.

    I'm thinking 7ish to whenever people wander off.

    Let me know if you are interested.


    Opps! Better mention that St Pat's is Turzday 17/3 me laddies! But if you want to do it on 17/5 as well I'll be there!
  2. oh let go you bastard .................. stop twisting my arm....................... i'll see you there OK

    :twisted: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I think you mean PJ O’Briens :)
  4. That sounds about right - go to that place people :D !
  5. P.J.O'Brien's Irish Pub
    Shop G14-16 Southgate Arts & Leisure Precinct
    VIC 3206
  6. You mean 17/3 :D

    BTW The owner of PJs is protestant so dont be suprised if you see at least one orange shirt in the crowd
  7. So can I take it that Splash and Scootergal are coming? C'mon ya slack-arses, you do realise that pretty people of the opposite sex will be there, like any of you need a reason to go to a pub?! :D
  8. Damn you shower o' bastards for being in Melbourne! Not that it matters as I was stupid enough to give up drink for lent. Incidentally, for the purpose of St. Paddys day, eatin's cheatin! Guinness for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  9. count me in
  10. I'll be there...t'be sure, t' be sure
  11. I might be able to do this. Visiting a friend in the city after work, depends how long I hang out with them I guess is the key.
  12. Here is the real explanation for the appearance of a lot of Green clad drunks
    from 10am onwards….it all starts with the Shamrock…the unofficial symbol of Ireland (the official symbol is
    the Celtic Harp) . The shamrock is a very common clover that grows heartily in Ireland. The ancient Druids
    honored it as a sacred plant. The Druids believed the shamrock had the power to avert evil spirits. Some
    people still believe the shamrock has mystical, even prophetic, powers. It is said that the leaves of
    shamrocks turn upright whenever a storm is coming. According to Lady Wilde, the shamrock "enlightens the
    brain and makes one see and know the truth". After years of experimentation a man called Paddy proved
    that she was mistaken and that it was in fact a pint of Guinness that bestowed these qualities…they
    bestowed Sainthood upon him…..and have been celebrating ever since.
  13. Paddys day is a great even in Ireland, especially Dublin. Contrary to popular belief, the Irish don't wear green on Paddys Day. Tourists do. Do Aussies wear green and gold on Australia day? I don't think so. The pubs are full at 10:00am, and you are stepping over bodies on the street by midday! Ah! There is nothing like the cool caress of Irish pavement on ones cheek!

    In addition to above, the shamrock is revered in celtic pagan culture as it has 3 leaves, and the number 3 was considered sacred by celtic pagens and was worshipped. Christianity actually adsorbed a lot of pagen dates and images to accommodate both pagens and christians and reduce animosity. The best example of this is the celtic cross. The pagen
    sun behind a christian cross.
  14. So you buggers coming to the Pub or not? I'm sure the young ladies would be in rapture over those wonderful stories, just don't offer to introduce them to you Wee Irishman :LOL: :wink:
  15. All major Christian festivals were once pagan festivals. There were eight pagan festivals throughout the year. Four seasonal festivals Autumn Equinox (21st Sept), Winter Solsitce (21st Dec), Spring Equinox (21st March), Summer Solstice (21st June) and four fire festivals Lughnasadh (1st August), Samhain (31st October), Imbolc (1st February), Beltane (1st May). Dates listed are for northern hemisphere. Lughnasadh is the festival of lights and now ties in with August Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, Samhain was called All Souls Day and then All Saints Day by the Christians. Beltane became May Day by the Christains and although it was still celebrated on the same day the name was changed away from the pagan name of Beltane. Yule is the Winter Solstice that became Christmas on the Christian calender and Ostara which I think is the Autumn Equinox is the word from which Easter is derived from.

  16. Depends on how long will you guys stay there!

    I need to go to inspect a bike at 5pm (maybe I can have a bike soon!), then my friend will come to my home then go to my mechanic to pick up my brother's car ( :p coz I don't know how to drive manual car), that's will be around 7pm, and after my friend's help, should have dinner together, so would be end up around 9pm. If you guys will still at the pub, I can join you all after 9pm.

    anyone I can contact to make sure you all still there?

  17. Dunno if I'll still be there by then Viv, planning on an earlyish night.
  18. yeah i understand that, just Thursday night.
  19. i recon i'll be there for awhile , have ta watch what i drink seeing as i'll be on mah bike, yep i'll be watching that Jamison disapere b4 my eyes.

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  20. bring a swag and sleep with your bike