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St Kilda Wed Evening...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Taz, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Just thought i might mention ... am riding into work tomorrow / today .. gwad the joys of being a night owl.. and after work heading into St Kilda for quick dinner with another bike mate ... will be parked on crn of Ackland St and the street that leads down to the car park behind Luna Park. (forgot the name of it) :roll:

    If you are out and about (as I am hopeful it will be a nice day / night)
    then feel free to pull up and say hi. We eat at the cafe opposite the cnr. where our bikes are parked, so we can keep an eye on our bikes. The cafe has seating half in and out on the side walk.

    Also .. I work as a DJ on 97.1FM (3MDR) and will be DJ'n Wed night from 11-30pm, so I will give NETRIDER a BIG FREEBIE plug!! :wink:

    Tune in if you are able... the show is called "Talk with a Twist" and you can phone in .. our topics are a bit naughty but lots of fun. Nothing too sinister! :D


    Taz ... aka MT etc etc.

  2. Hey Taz,
    Wednesday is the attempted Chinese Banquet night in the city.. so you might not get a huge response..but all those who dont want Chinese might turn up :D

    You might have a few weirdo type individuals calling on Wed night now that they know you are on the radio! :wink: :D
  3. Hi CodeBlueChick,

    *DOH* .. did'nt realize there was a dinner on .. oh well.. hope you'll have a great night and yes for those who may not eat Chinese food then .. they are most welcome to say how'de. The MEGA S

    If we get any weirdo's call then they will feel right at home with all our other 3 listeners! :D

    Anyhow... feel free to call the station and say hi ... 59682727 is the phone in HOT LINE ... from 11-30pm onwards .. My name is "Tan" on there .. but HEY YOU, Taz, Yo Mistress etc works too! :D

  4. Hey taz, come to dinner... Check out the Chinese Banquet string... The more the merrier
  5. The place you are eating at (from the description you gave) is the FRINGE, 73 Ackland St (cnr Ackland and Shakespeare Gve). I go down there a bit, but will be at Chinese tonight. Maybe I will come down there next time if you post again...
  6. come to chinese night tazzy!!! :)
  7. Oh thanks so very much for the offer to come along to your Chinese dinner night .. but sadly I have already committed and don't want to let my mate down and the couple of others who will prob turn up. The fact it's a great possy for a little bit of *checking out the scenery* :wink: if ya know what I mean... this is where they like to sit .. the great outdoors .. and yes I do believe Jimi that is the place .. although I have never actually LOOKED UP to see what it is called *DOH* .. oh well ya get that.

    Anyway .. enjoy your night and maybe if you are all still at your dinner at 11-30pm then call the radio station 59682727 and I will toss you on AIR so you can say HI to everyone listening in! :D

    Hope to make it to your next coffee meet Fri week or maybe see some of you out over the weekend .. looks like a good one :D .. so I'll be out there.

    Cheers Taz :)
  8. New concept chinese in the city followed by ice-cream in Acland St & say hi to Taz! It's not rocket science!
  9. What's this about some Chinese dinner?? Why wasn't I invited??? :wink:

  10. Something about nails, hair appt & waxing eeewww! I believe!