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St Kilda Rd Bike Lanes (Melb)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thetramp64, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Saw a couple of boys in blue attempting to keep our streets safer from motor cycle riding "mainacs" this morning on St Kilda Rd. :p

    They had a silver unmarked commodore parked just before Alma Rd area and were pulling over the abovementioned dangerous individuals who dared use the (empty) bike lanes.

    I suppose they need a rest after the past couple of days, but this kind of "piss ant" charging of riders bugs the hell out of me!

    And yes I know its not legal, but like "lane splitting" it's one of those stupid laws that very few obey!

    We really, really need a co-ordinated organised campaign to get rid of these laws.


  2. perhaps over the last few days/weeks they've had a few complaints from cyclists about m/c riding in the lanes???

    I've spoken to a cop over here about m/c using bike lanes to split up banked up traffic and he said basically they try to avoid fining us unless they have had recent complaints from cyclists.
  3. Ok, lets all complain about the mobile lycra clad idiots on non motorised vehicles who run red lights, cut off pedestrians, cut off motorcycles etc..etc... I'll draft a letter, who'll sign it?
  4. :?

    Count me out.

    Let me just say, before I continue, that if I've missed the intended sarcasm, I'm sorry. :grin:

    Cyclists are not the enemy. They share many of the same concerns for their own safety as motorcyclists, and are a lot more vulnerable than we are.

    This “Us v Them†mentality makes no sense to me. Consider the constant (and often, well-founded) bitching on these forums about all motorcyclists being tarred with the same brush and dangerous hoons. Why the hell would you then, hypocritically, turn around and do the same to cyclists? They are, as I’ve said, our most vulnerable road users. :roll:

    I’ve seen riders weave around cyclists in bike lines at ridiculous speeds. Sure, we don’t all do it, but those that do endanger the cyclists in the same way that cages doing the same (in marked lanes) endanger us. I, for one, can understand the concern.

    The use of vacant bicycle lanes is worth debate. The fact remains, however, that the use of same contravenes the law. If you can think of constructive legislation that allows motorcyclists to use bicycle lanes, whilst also protecting cyclists, then draft it.

    Do something to at least attempt to bring about positive changes in the law.

    Attacking cyclists (as a group) is ridiculous. If you can’t understand where I’m coming from, then spend some time pedalling around the city. It may just open your eyes.
  5. Ah these arguements always bring a smile to my face.

    Good luck getting the MRAA going up against the terribly un-organised, under funded wanna-bees at Bicycle Victoria. You guys should smash them!!

    If you want to ride in the bike lanes, ride in the bike lanes, but just don't complain if you get a fine. I use this theory when I ride in bike lanes, wheelchair ramps and school overpasses...
  6. Two wheels good, four wheels bad.
  7. The more bike lanes the better I say, keeps those lycra fetish wearers out of my way, I wouldn’t ride in those bike lanes, road debris and left turning cagers will ruin your ride, better to travel straight up the middle of a gridlocked road imo, overtaking on the right even when done on the wrong side of the road is the safest way to pass imo, cagers are more likely to see your headlight in the right hand mirror than their left.
  8. Ok, I admit upon a re-read my OP needs clarification.
    I was making two points.
    (i) What a wonderful use of police time it was booking M/Cycle riders in gridlocked city traffic. :evil:
    (ii) I was responding to the post about some cyclist probably caused the above waste of time, yet they (generalisation coming) are worse than the average M/cyclist in thier disregard for the road laws, but you never hear of a pushbike blitz.

    I'll handle this one in two parts.

    (i) The average (generalisation) pushbike courier I see creates most of thier own safety concerns! If you don't want to go under a semi, bus, tram etc, then FFS dont cut them off, run a red light, cross lanes without looking etc...

    (ii) I have ridden a pushbike around a lot of places in my younger years. I understand exactly how dangerous it can be. But the trick is don't create your own danger.
  9. Agreed.
  10. Actually BV itself is a reasonably well run organisation. However its the Vic Government we need to target on this and lane splitting.

    And I agree if the MRAA stopped infighting they could do something here.
  11. My apologies, but my sarcasim did not cut through the interweb thingo.

    I am aware of BV's is more than a reasonably well run organisation. It's very well run.

    If you wanted to target this you would need BV on your side or you have no hope in hell in changing the rules. And the MRAA also tried to do something here, but in there rush to get out a press release, they forgot to ask BV what they thought about it!!

    Unbelievable incompetence in my eyes.
  12. Cops were hailing pushie riders over on the Princess bridge for things like no helmets, etc.
    Also there has been a blitz on cyclists running lights & passing alighting trams down Swanston St over the last fortnight.
    3 months ago ( or thereabouts) police were present to 'enforce' the 10kms/hr speed limit along Southbank/Crown Blvrd.
  13. Just hunt them down! :LOL: They are either a road vehicle or belong on the footpath, not both when they feel like it. Make a choice. (thats my rant)

    But agree that bicycle lanes should just be for bicycles, unless we have a dual bike lane, one side for each. We can lane rip :LOL:
  14. That right there is one of my main gripes with many (not all!) cyclists these days. They'll chop and change between both road and footpath, suiting themselves as to what will get them to their destination quicker and without needing to stop, irregardless of safety to others.

    But what really p***es me off is those cyclists who will ride up to a red light at a set of traffic lights where other cars/motorbikes are waiting patiently for the light to change, they'll have a quick look to make sure the intersection is clear, and then they'll just ride through it! Essentially they're running a red light... imagine motorbike/scooter riders did this - we'd be vilified!!!
  16. Really?

    I know of a ride that usually has an escort of a half dozen cops who nail anyone they can.

    And a section of road where cops will push the ped button and then hide to see if cyclists run it.

    Now I dont actually have a problem with this but it would seem to me to be a 'blitz,' No? Happens every sat morning too.
  17. Got to agree with this. And in fact cyclist are vilified cos of it. Its a beginner, nervous thing mostly, footpaths are always slower, and more dangerous and its obvious why. But its not good
  18. Yeah I got done a few weeks ago, splitting away and truck and van close together, just nip into bike lane to get around and STOP =; naguhty boy [-X yes I ride a bike as well, cyclists complaining, just split in future, use top lanes we can't really get you there :blah: Here's you're fine on your way :deal:

    Next day riding to work, I see an older biker riding along the bike path at a fair rate of knots, he was going far to quick IMO and is probably the cause of a lot of complaints as he does it often.

    We will never get shared bike lanes in Vic. On one hand we have the MRAA who are a fringe player in a fringe community [bikers]. On the other hand we have BV, a well run lobby group who under it's squeaky image is run by ecovangelists, they want everything with a motor banned. Whilst they are the high preists in charge nothign will change.

    So lets just keep on lobbying for sensible things that will get up, LAMs, lane sharing etc etc. and leave the unwinnable ones alone.
  19. What's new? The discussion on revenue raising has been done to death. Very few are able to speed during rush hour, so they target other offences.

    Again, generalisations of that nature are not helpful. Where do these averages come from? Consider those that ride a motorcycle, a bicycle, AND drive a cage... see the problem?

    Couriers surely belong to a different class of cyclist/rider/driver. They are employed to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. I've witnesses some appalling traffic incidents involving couriers on each form of transport.

    We're still talking about the use of bicycle lanes by motorcyclists, right? This thread wasn't about the use of footpaths, etc. Sure, it's annoying (and illegal) but we're talking about how they impact on you as a motorcyclist
  20. +1

    BV are well backed, well funded, and very politically active. Cooperation, on a number of fronts, would benefit both groups. I don't know that the use of bicycle lanes is one of them, however.

    The problem is that the MRAA would need to show BV that they have something to offer...which, as you've pointed out, just isn't going to happen.