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St Kilda last night .. and the radio show

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Taz, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Update...

    Well .. now after feeling like a complete and total goose :LOL: and going up to about 10 different sports bike riders at St Kilda saying .. "HELLO .. ARE YOU FROM NETRIDER??" And then they smiled back *nudged their mate* and would say .. no but .. we *CAN* be if you want? What's a netrider? I just smiled :oops: .... hmm *thinking thinking.. could be a new pick up line ..hmm has possibilities * :D

    Anyway, I have no idea if anyone from Netrider turned up last night at St Kilda ... but at least I tried to find ya if you did turn up. The crew I was riding with (mostly Harley riders :shock: ) wanted to stick me on the corner and see if the same this worked on the girls! :cry: buggars!!

    So I was there .. on my blue and white baby.. and my white saddle bags *ya really can't miss me... I like it that way .. I figure I stay alive a lot longer if a car driver can HEAR me and SEE me .. soon I should be able to fit back into my hot pink leathers :D *

    Also ... to those of you who tried to tune in on the radio show last night (97.1fm ) I did say a HUGEEEEEEEEE hello to many of the people on here... we are getting some thingy that will give us a better range so hopefully next week you will be able to hear us .. the show is called TALK WITH A TWIST and the DJ's are .. Daz, H and Tan (that's me .. well the other me)
    it starts at 11-30pm .. if ya can't get it in your house I am told you should be able to get it in your car :LOL: yer like that's a HUGE help at 11.30pm lol.

    Have a great coffee catch up tonight .. sorry I can't make it but looking forward to next week .. or a last minute ride this weekend :D
  2. I even took the unthinkable of step of turning my radio from Gold FM to find your show but alas to no avail will try again next week tho! What sort of music do you play or is it all talk may help to find it?
  3. Hi there Bond Girl ... Thanks for at least trying to tune in.. The show is a mix of music and talk back .... the music is mostly preselected by Daz and it's mostly top 40 (I think) ya know .. nickleback etc.

    Hope you can get it next week.
  4. is it me or is this becoming a little like spam?

  5. It's you but welcome aboard anyway! p.s. netrider is about supporting each other in anyway we can!
  6. Taz

    I tried tuning in to your show last night. I found what I think was 97.1fm but I couldn't understand what was being said. It sounded like the signal was a tad weak.

    I'll try again next week if I remember.
  7. Hi android,

    Yes they tell me they are trying to get a stronger signal happening next week... lets hope so! It would be nice if everyone can hear the big plugs we are giving Netrider and all the cherio's :) It was a real challenge trying to pronounce some of the people's nick names from on here I gotta tell ya! :)
  8. Geeeez Taz .. who needs a "personalised/custom numberplate" .. hahaha I reckon I've seen them there "white saddlebags" roll past ....

    I mean really ... how many sets of "white saddlebags" are there runnin' around?? Take it on notice ... "You've been spotted ma'am!!!", hahahahaha :D

    I think it wuz down Acland St in the late afternoon/early evening the weekend after the Toy Run (was a stinkin' hot day) ... a few buddies and I did a ride up the Beach Rd stopped in Acland for a "refresher" and then headed over the Westgate to Willy for a late dinner then rode back again.

    Am sure we saw ya cruise past ... amidst comments of "There's sumfink ya don't see every day!!!" (meaning the white saddlbags ...)

    Anyways catch ya out there sometime soon ... will be good when 97.1 up their "wattage" or whatever they're gunna do 'cause at least then I'll hear ya down here on the Peninsula :D
  9. Hey Ross... :D

    I do luv em (new white ..*well getting slightly discoloured but what the hell!* saddlebags) ... ya orta see my range of coloured leathers! Hmmm
    Hubba *sticks her head into her wardrobe and *sniffs*

    Wait till ya see the new seat I am getting done for my Harley .. lets just say .. it's a bit different... I think it's gonna look luverly!! :D

    See ya out and about. :)
  10. Bloomin' 'eck!!!! .. yeah I'd love ta see ya range of "coloured leathers" :shock: ... hehehehe :oops: :oops: :oops:

    All I need is .. time/place and I'm there with bells on!!!!!!!

    Scrolls back ....

    /thinks (Did I really say that ..?????) :shock: hahahaha
  11. cold shower for you mate! :p