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St Kilda festival idiot

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Quo Vadas, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Thankyou to the knob jockey in the Pajero FWD who, in trying to avoid the booze bus on Ormond Esplanade after the St Kilda festival yesterday, nearly collected me by going through a red light. I would have to say that this is my first close encounter in terms of being hit by another vehicle. After my light had turned green, I commenced my left hand turn and then suddenly i see to my right the offender flooring it through the intersection and weaving so he could cut in front of me - I literally "feel" me and my bike sway as he passes. I brake in just enough time to avoid him and let him get on his "deathly" way. I pass through the intersection and pullover for a moment to collect my thoughts. Moments later a cop car comes flying around the corner in pursuit of the guy. For a moment I thought about following to vent at the driver but I thought best to calm down and arrive home alive.
    I thought that I am normally a very defensive and alert rider and stuff like this just re-inforces that I need to be ever more diligent in my road awareness. Hope the prick got caught by the cops...................

  2. He probably did get caught if the cops were on his tail straight away and serves him right. You should thank your skills for sensing danger and braking to avoid the situation. Just another day in riding.
  3. everyone who goes to stkilda fest is an idiot. this one just had a car
  4. Right on. I went for a ride in the Dandenongs to enjoy my day away from the festival but as I live in Elwood had to return to the hood.
  5. Light goes green

    Look left

    Look right


    Only takes half a second to scan the road. Has saved me once before. Make it a habit.
  6. Mitsubishi make front wheel drives?
  7. FWD = Four Wheel Drive
  8. 4XD = Four Wheel Drive
  9. 4WD, guys.
  10. +1

    4WD = 4 wheel drive
    FWD = front wheel
  11. Never seen "4XD" before...

    Hope the Police got him before anyone got hurt.
  12. Yep. Magna's, Lancer's, Mirage's, etc.
  13. Mitsubishi make rear wheel drives?
  14. FWD (in ths instance) F...ing Wanker Dropkick! :)
  15. FWD can mean either. I've seen "FF" used as front wheel drive from time to time. Can't remember where.
  16. Gran Turismo.
  17. FF stands for Ferguson Formula which was the 4WD system used in the Jensen FF way back in 1966. The Jensen was the first production road car equipped with 4WD and an anti-lock braking system — the Dunlop Maxaret mechanical system used hitherto only on aircraft, trucks, or racing cars.

    It had a 6.2 litre V8 and claimed to be able to go from 0-100mph-0 in 12 seconds.


    Lovely motor car but (like most Pom cars of the day) a bit flakey. There was one (at least) in Melbourne in 1970.
  18. Er, sure about that?

    I thought they were codes for drive wheels and engine placement

    FF - Front engine Front wheel drive
    FR - Front / Rear
    MR - Mid / Rear like a toyota mr2
    RR - Rear/rear like a porsche 911
  19. The FF you are thinking of is an American code - introduced much later - and usually written as "FF layout".

    In the UK FF in automotive terms is generally considered to be the Jensen FF. (They weren't built in LHD form so the Yanks missed out)