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St John's Motorcycle First Aid course

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Muzbot, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Am going to be doing some touring in remote areas next year with some mates and thought this might be a good idea for at least one of us to do...

    The course covers:
    Safety at the scene of an accident, recognition and management of the unconscious rider. The management of trauma including bleeding (internal & external), shock and chest injuries. When and how to remove a motorcycle helmet, resuscitation of the unconscious non-breathing casualty, burns treatment, wounds including impaled objects, gravel rash, laceration, contusions and management of the casualty.

    Has anyone here attended a course like this one and what are your thoughts?
  2. That sounds like something I should do.

    Do you have any contacts for when and where the courses are on, or a phone number to call to find out ??
  3. There is one being held in Surry Hills in Sydney on May 27th if you're interested.


    If that date isn't acceptable to ya, I also know of 2 other clubs who are planning to have one in the next couple of months, but haven't set the date.

    PM me and I'll give you their details.

    Egiste, course is run on an on demand basis. You get 10 people min, 25 people max who want to do it, St Johns will run it for you.
  4. I've done a few first aid courses in my time and I highly rate St Johns courses. I'd encourage everyone to do even the basic first aid course.

    You never know when you'll need it, not just on others but yourself as well. :)
  5. ok, bumping this thread because i just want to add to it.

    yesterday i completed my NEW first aid course.
    first aid policies and procedures change so frequently that unless you renew every 3 years it is impossible to administer first aid without risk of litigation in the event of an accident unless you have done so.

    im gonna have a mini-granpa-safetycrat speech here.

    netrider is a social motorcycle enthusiasts club yes?
    group rides are organised via this forum.
    technically (and i say it very vaguely) if you are to organise a club related group ride you are responsible (it is your duty of care) to have a nominated first aid officer amongst those attending the ride.
    well, they dont have to be riding as such, but you have to have one nominated anyhow.

    now, dont jack up and say that its none of my business
    :blah: :blah: :blah: because essentially i agree, we should be able to ride where we want when we want with the freedom of taking whoever we like!!

    what i am going to suggest though is that those who do have a motorcycle licence get their first aid certificate. it just seems to make sense to me. we are exposing ourselves to risks, and really accidents do happen so if you are there with the right education and knowledge you might just save your friends life. especially relative around here with the large percentage of learners about :)

    so maybe those that do have their first aid PUT YER HAND UP!
    and those who dont care, well, carry on :p
  6. I'm about to do my First Aid Level 2 as part of an ocean sailing thing.

    Skills that could be useful - at sea or on land.
  7. I recently went and did the level 3 st. johns course, since we now have defibrillator and oxygen at work as well as the standard first aid kits and I'm the nominated senior first aider.

    But it's a good thing for people to do even the basic course on a semi regular basis, it might well be your better half or kids who we need to give first aid to.

    And there are few things worse than knowing that someone might have been able to be helped if only....
  8. hmmmm, i wonder if Loz has his First Aid ticket???
    :rofl: awwww c'mon, i'm only going on hearsay :rofl:
  9. Now there's a way to try to kill off rides. Make everyone think that if they organise a ride and someone comes off, they are going to get sued. It ain't going to happen. You might as well try to sue Today Tonight for being false in saying a diet plan will allow you to lose 20 kilos in 12 seconds just by holding your breath with your eyes crossed.

    In regards to first aid training, it is a very good thing to do. It could make all the difference at an extremely critical time. But you can't mandate it. Firstly it would cost too much to do everyone and many people will be unable to take the information in.

    I have done the St John's motorcycle first aid course and it was very good. Be hard pressed to remember 50% of it now less than a year later.
  10. you overlooked the blahblahblah bit????

    reality sucks and is unfortunate.
    you will find that there is stacks of people with their ticket anyway, and i dont think it will kill off rides.
    financially, sure it is not going to be simple or mandatory, just a thought.

    eg, do YOU know the current and i mean 2006 procedure for removing a helmet from a conscious, but having difficulties breathing victim of a spill?
    i am only trying to inspire safety mate, not prevent rides.
    i have a certain knowledge of civil law, and basically if you are unlucky you can get sued for nearly anything which would make leaving your house not an option. take it as a light suggestion and take my words in context.
    buuut if you wanna turn it in to a negative thread be my guest
  11. Unless the person who does know first aid is the one who needs it.

    Really, everyone should do a first aid course. Not only for when riding but accidents happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Could be a family member or friend in need...
  12. No. but you said that in the context of people responding that it is none of your business. I was referring to this:

    It seems pretty clear to me that regardless of whether you agree with it or not, you are saying that if anyone posts a ride and attends, then they are up for it if they don't appoint a nominated first aid officer. To that I said it ain't going to happen.

    I'm not making a negative thread of it. You said something that I think is is totally unrealistic, prompted by the fact that you have just done another course - the whole knowledge is power thing.

    You said yourself it was vague so you have to expect that someone will have issue with it. Especially when it implies that probably every single ride that has been organised under the guise of NR has been lacking and open to litigation.

    You could have just made the point about first aid rules changing which is a very important point and highlights the need to refresh if you have previously done them. In fact, I believe we did exactly that after we did the last course.
  13. i agree that it "aint going to happen", im am just making note of duty of care involved, and was doing so without going in to the all-to-common suing that takes place these days

    yep, spot on. it is amazing what learning can do. it is quite an eye-opener. i found out things that i would have done etc. that could/would harm someone if they were injured. remember, learning is a good thing and excuse me if i get a little excited at the fact that i may just be able to help preserve the life of one of my children or friends/family should an accident occur.

    i am new to this forums but certainly not to forums on the whole. it is irrelevant what the post/topic is, someone will disagree, even if just to get that finger-to-keyboard sensation.
    unfortunately the rides you mention may have been lacking in this respect. i'm not a lawyer but even the local boche club of 13 members requires a first aid officer so there is basis to the reason for my comment about a grey area of the law or rules. maybe suggest people ride at their own risk? i dunno. what i was trying to suggest is that people that expose themselves to motorcycling should also know how to preserve the life of someone who does have a spill because reality states that accidents are going to happen. there has been threads about that.
    that said, do you have the knowledge to say that these rides are not open to litigation?
    yep, coulda done many things. what i did do however is tickle the thoughts of people, and obviously made you think about it.

    good to hear, that makes you one of the people present at rides that removes any form of repercussions should an incident occur.

    the litigation thing obviously strikes a raw nerve with you, thats fine.
    in my industry and my position we deal with approximately 6 serious civil cases annually. and these are the ones that we imagined would never be an issue.
    here is a slightly less expensive one-
    we sprayed a 600m stretch of rural road (assume no houses people etc)
    a farmer decided to walk accross the hot wet bitumen laying on the road in his brand new reebok shoes (farmer-wtf?)
    note-there is a 3 minute time frame between bitumen application and aggregate application.
    this gentlman asked for $5000 in damages because he did not feel safe to carry out his day to day duties including crossing the road (loss of quality of life etc) even though he sustained no injuries, just a black sticky pair of reeboks.
    case thrown out, and we decided to buy him a new pair of reeboks accompanied by a gently letter warning him that if a road is closed, steam is coming from it etc. :blah:
    not such a serious one, but to me it was, because i wasnt there covering 600m up and back either side of the job which is actually law.......he was able to wander in, therefore it was my responsibility and through the chain of command if he was successful i was going to be financially stung.

    thats the first time i have done a pull-apart reply, and guess what? my genitals feel no bigger.
  14. I've done St. John senior first aid, but nothing specific to motorbikes i.e. removal of helmet
  15. You can be sued for anything by anyone. They just won't win.

    NSW liability law changed 2 years ago.

    Any activity that a reasonable adult knows has a level of risk, is free from being sued.

    If you feel like it, read the lawlink articles on the matter.

    Also if the victim is unconscious and you perform first aid on them, even if you stuff up, you can't be sued. Again, there is a specific law for this.

    The only time you can be sued is if the victim is conscious and refuses first aid, but you perform it anyway.
  16. Thats a good point.
    Ive got St Johns training, but something specific to motorbikes would be pretty good.
    I rekon as riders, taking more risks on the roads, its within our best interests to get some sort of first aid training. If any one of use came off and needed help we would hope that those around us know what there are doing.
    Actually, my training is pretty out of date. Might see if I can get work to cover a refreasher for me :D