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St George Motorcycle Club Honda RJAYS 4 Hour Enduro

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Takamii, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hows the RHOK entry Look ?

    Ridden by Jarrad ( J-Rad) of Cunning Stunts

  2. looks nice......... for a suzuki.

  3. Least it isnt a Kawasaki - had it been one I would have torn up the sponsorship deal :)
  4. how much that cost you?
  5. good, those things are junk.
  6. Not bad i agree with jimmy for a suzuki.
  7. And being a kawasaki fanboy I will return the favour and never buy one of your helmet's ;)....Hey but don't let that stop you posting on the green site like you do :LOL:
  8. hehehehe LOL Touche Discocbr

    ( its all in good fun )
    First sports bike i ever rode was a 1999 ZX9 -- really enjoyed it
  9. Looks great Tak - best part of the bike to show off your name, too...
  10. So what was the outcome?
    How did you go in the race.
  11. I could find out for you, my brother was the commentator....
  12. Nice....But tell him to get his priorities' right I wan't to see his restoration finished :LOL:....Hive of information that brother of your's ;)
  13. That's coming along nicely; we were in Canberra a week or so ago examining the bowels of the engine at close range, and removing the alloy rims from their non-original hubs....
  14. 2ND IN THE D CLASS SUPERSTOCK 600 i believe ( with a 2 man/2 bike team)
  15. Your brother is nice - he interviewed me about helmets up in the tower during the pace car 40mins
  16. I kinda like him.....

    between the two of us we've seen a few race meetings, and commentated one or two as welll....
  17. Sweetie D Class, me thinks, he needs regrading.......
  18. I dont know enough ( nothing actually ) about racing and classes etc

    I do however know your real identity :) which is safe with me

    I am just pleased with his J-rads effort in a two man team and will continue to support him as much as I can simply because he isa good no nonsense honest man
  19. my information is that there is no official result yet as the timing gear failed just before the start, and again an hour into the race, and was not fixed when the race finished; Tak you may be able to confirm that?
  20. Sorry Hornet - no idea I am going on what J-Rad has told me

    I have very little - actually no experience with racing events and how they are run , the classes etc -