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St Andrews to Kinglake

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by randy_rider, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. This road is tight, narrow and twisty.

    A very challenging rd for newer riders! Don't loose your nerve in the tightest spots as there is nowhere to pull off the road. The twistiest parts (3.5ks) of the road has on one side of the road mountain cliffs, the other side is extremely steep drop down the other side. The road itself is very narrow.

    I've ridden this road about four times. Each time I enjoy it more.

    Overall I rate this road pretty highly. Recent resurface has brought the road up to exellent condition.
  2. I use this road for short training runs. Great for practising steady throttle control. :D
  3. Oh and some decreasing radius corners too. :D
  4. Yes there sure are, just ask Roderz (a.k.a. the Kinglake garden gnome). When you see the BIG RED WARNING sign, followed by the 25klm yellow sign it MEANS it!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Yeah!! There are some tight ones, even though they are going to be.!
  6. Yeah that road could do with a bit of widening, more resurfacing, but overall heaps of fun (even with the off-camber tight corners) and i reckon running from st andrews to kinglake is the better run, more uphill around the tighter bits.
  7. I think this roads great fun :D and it's pretty easy to get to for a city slicker like me.

    Thanks heaps G for taking the time to explain this route to me a while back. It's become my regular weekend ride for the moment.

    Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to join this ride together with the black spur. There are a few roads which could be used to get to Healsville. Are any of these particularly good?
  8. See the current Chum Creek Road thread. Go right at Kinglake, cross the Melba highway, and you can take either Chum Creek Road or Myer Creek road to Healesville. :)
  9. Chum Creek Road - Healsvillle - Black Spur - Marysville - Reefton - warburton, great day trip
  10. Us Brunswick Boys think alike :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Once you get to the top at kinglake turn right at the roundabout and head for Mt Slide. Cross over the Melba Hwy and head for Toolangi. As you get into Toolangi you can either go right or stright on, the straight on way is actually a left turn by memory and the right turn is the way the road goes. Try both of these options, by vearing right the road will take you into Kinglake via Chum Creek and you come out near the Shell service station on the sth western end of Healsville. By going left it will take you into the other end of Healsville. Get to the end and it is the Maroonday Hwy, turn left and you are heading for the Black Spur.

    Both roads arn't bad, maybe a little slick in this weather so becareful. It has been awhile since I have been that way. Try it out and let us know whta you think.

  12. What titus said..!
  13. Thanks folks, looks like I've got my ride sorted for this weekend :)

    Now here's hoping it doesn't rain :?
  14. Its supposed to....you've got my number, give us a call if you are heading out and I will come with :)
  15. Will do :)
  16. Don't forget to keep a watch out for wildlife aka Lyrebirds! Have had to dodge a couple of echidnas as well as flock of wood ducks recently.
  17. Cool, I should have the bike back together by then, would be a good place to take it for a shake down and loosen it up a bit.
  18. I did this little strech of road for the 1st time yesterday and i was down there again today and i think i have a new favourite road :D, I love the sign that says "recomended speed 35kph next 6km's" :LOL: .
    From st andrews to kinglake i can't really push it because i don't like being in the lane close to the big drop off on the side :shock: but the reverse is awesome and i was getting **Good leanage on almost all the corners :D :D .

    And the best thing of all.......I only live 15 minutes away \:D/

    One bad thing, if you get caught behind a car there are very few places to pass safely.