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VIC St Andrews-Kinglake/Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd [C746]

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by ResmeN, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Just got back from a Somerton, Epping, Yarrambat, St Andrews, Kinglake, Whittlesea, Roxburgh Park loop. Out of the whole ride was really looking forward to climbing Kinglake.

    About a kay after St Andrews I noticed a yellow electronic road sign box saying road works 25-27/1 I didn't think much then all of a sudden was travelling on mushy, soft & freshly laid bitumen. Before I could ohhh .... I had to quickly adjust my riding as I was sliding around and look in my mirror to see how the learner behind me was doing as he was getting last minute practice before doing his license test on the weekend.

    It was not fun at all riding on fresh bitumen as it wasn't fully compressed by the roller so was very loose like riding on a dirt road with the front of the bike feeling very loose and wobbly. Was cursing myself thinking they laid new road surface for the whole 13km climb but at this stage have only laid about 4kms worth from St Andrews. The bitumen got harder as we climbed as it appears they have started laying the new surface mid hill and worked their way downwards to the base.

    It's up to individual riders but I personally unfortunately will probably avoid this road for a few weeks minimum. If they decide to do the rest of the road up to the roundabout at the corner of C746/C724 then unfortunately it will not be rider friendly at all.

    At the base of the hill going up from St Andrews there is a road sign saying 187 traffic accidents since such and such date well that number is now showing about 256.

    On the topic of new roads on last weekends ride back from Healesville to Kinglake once you turn right from B360 Maroondah Hwy on to C724 Healesville-Kinglake Rd about a few kms after the C726 Yarra Glen turnoff they have also laid fresh new bitumen there going up on Chum Creek Rd for also about 4kms towards Toolangi.
  2. The new anti bike.
    Constant roadworks on all the good roads.
  3. New roads are fine; it's the condition they leave them in afterwards...I think there could be a bloody good public liability case.

  4. Real point there....
    Wish those who put in the new roads took all their marbles they leave for us to ride on home with them......
    I always got told to put away my toys....
  5. Thanks ResmeN - I was gonna go do that run tomorrow night after work - guess not now eh? Timely warning!
  6. You're welcome Rusti. If I have helped even one netrider from coming across an enexpected surprise and saved them the heartache then this thread has done it's job :)

    I know you and a lot of bikers like doing Kinglake but the conditions last night were very unstable and not what you would expect. We were fortunate enough to have had done it just before nightfall so visibility was high but at night time it would have been hairy. Wait till I show you the Wildwood loop then you'll start doing that for pure convenience as it's pretty close to us. Been a while I've been there too so hopefully we'll do it soon.
  7. Went up this way today leading a Learner also - the surface is a lot better already. It's hardened up, but there is still a decent pile of marbles building up between the tyre tracks.

    No slips at all at the pace we went up (about 40-50km/h). Had much more fun once we got through it though.

    The sign still shows 256 (as you'd hope only 2 days later!!).
  8. Can you give us a google maps link of the section they're working on?

  9. Thanks for the update Russ. When I first saw that sign I thought it indicated fatalities, coupled with the number 187 and questioned myself whether I should go up or not.

    Arc the newly laid part of the road is more or less this.
  10. Was just about to write a similar post and saw this... Went up last night and there is still heaps of marbles in between the tire tracks... nearly lost the front on one corner :-(

    Agree with Stu's comment... Seemed a bit co-incidental to me.. dud surface laid on a popular motorcycle route at this time of year??? Seems to be happening too often..
  11. Sammy you sure it was that short cause I remember it being much longer like 4-5kms. Pretty much a minute after St Andrews it began. I was there when they had just finished up and it was a mess. Check the map link I put up in post #9.
  12. Your testing my memory now :) Just had to double check with the girly, she was pillion..

    Must have been a couple of straights and corners past St Andrews... We stopped in St Andrews while I put ear plugs in.. then we were stuck behind a cage and it wasn't until after I overtook him that we hit it.. So must have been at least the 3rd "C746" marking on the map after St Andrews..
  13. Either way the road is dangerous. The resurfacing could be anti bike, couldn't be who knows.
  14. Isn't there a minimum standard by which roads have to be left? Leaving a road in such a dangerous condition could create legal liabilities for those in charge, particularly when the first major accident/fatality occurs.

  15. http://www.bookshop.vicroads.vic.gov.au/redirectpdf/pdfs/SupplementAGRD3.pdf

    Page 7 contains Vicroads good design practice/consideration for motorcycles, see the comment regarding road screenings and loose material on roads:

    Road patches - sealed, surface screanings: Gravel leads to loss of traction, Must give standard warning, SWEEP GRAVEL OFF ROAD

    Gravel loose material on roads: Avoid loose material on curves and corners.

    So yeah.. thier own guidelines are not being followed!

    Side note.. The black snakes they put everywhere, is supposed to have skid resistance adittive to the same adhesion as the rest of the road.. Everyone I've seen they just dump cheap tar down..
  16. It's a sad case really. It's the roadworkers being lazy and not completing the job they are doing properly. I'm confident they wouldn't do it on purpose but rather just lazy and don't get managed properly.

    Recently there were some roadworks on Mickleham rd in Tullamarine making new lanes for the smart bus and the street where I would turn into was being left with gravel at the end of everyday during roadworks. In the mornings it would surprise me and had to take extra care when braking. After sending emails to the council they sweeped it from all gravel.
  17. Another puncture victim on this rd.

    Take care.

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  18. Update:

    Went this way yesterday for a blat and this road is now at about 90%!! It has been swept (or washed by the rain??) and is sooo much better.

    Going up is about 95% there are only a few little pebbles here and there (same risk as any road really), going down brings it back to a cumulative 90% - watch out for the very first left after you hit the new surface as it was very very gravelly - the rest were much the same as the uphill run. :)
  19. Russ have they laid any new bitumen apart from 1/3 at the bottom when climbing? Thanks for the update. Will go out that way soon.