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SS Commodores are fun!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 12RS, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. I love it when bogans save up their welfare money and buy one and try to take you on at the lights. I was in a particularly shitty mood tonight and was fed up with this one chump constantly cutting in on me, so I split lanes and sat right next to him making my intentions obvious.

    Needless to say I reached about 90 before I looked in the rear mirror and could barely see his headlights.

    God I love bikes.
  2. Don't try it too often, they don't like it when you show them the error of their ways.
  3. I smoked some fool in a little spoilered up race car the other day in my XR8, should've seen the filthy look they gave me at the next set of lights.
  4. Why even bother, it's just so easy.
    Oh yeah, because it's also so much fun!
    Sorry feeling a bit beige tonight, haven't riden for 5 days, time to get back out there and go SS hunting.
  5. The important question is did it have a chevy badge on it?
    They add 25hp and you have to be careful if you are on say, a kymco or some other alike POS. :D

    12RS' are good fun too, rode my old boys for some time (98 model).
  6. commodoors, doof doof, shades on at midnight.... I love these guys, they always make you feel so goooooood when you shut them down.....
  7. glad im not the only one who gets a laugh out of them. I generally get more fun out of them in my mr2 than i do on the bikes though... seems to ake better bait when fishing for bogans.

    i've noticed Mercedes/AMG C63's seem to be the most common car to try and show me up on the bikes.... every friggin time! they seem to be the bogan car of choice for the cashed up variety
  8. So true isn't it!? They've got those meaty fart cans on the back and just love to thrash them up too 100k's until they hit the next set of red lights.

    I find a hell of a lot of them around the Cross / Paddington area where the young trust fund babies can be found.

    I think because I ride fairly conservatively, they are surprised when I tease them a bit and give them a little head start in first, then let loose until 5th or 6th. Soooo much fun, but always essential to drop back to the speed limit - that irritates them even more I think.
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    i live in mt druitt...land of the bogans...grew up here (for the most part anyway) so i don't mind the odd commodore and will always cheer for holden over ford at bathurst...but...that doesn't change the fact that most commodore drivers ...especially around here - are dickheads

    saying that - this mainly applies to VS/VR/VK/VL commodore's ...alot of the newer models are simply family cars...or cops.

    my favourite model was the 64 tho' !!

    are you keeping up with the commodore? caus the commodore is keeping up with you !!!
  10. Ah Mighty Mt Druitt. Where everything is boiled in oil. I've frequented the notorious MDLC yo' many times and love the circus every time. That said, nothing's more enjoyable than ladies' day (AVO's) at Penrith Local Court (or 'the Rith') as we call it.
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    I had it's little brother the 'VIC20"
  12. used to love playing river raid with my grandma on the 64 (><)
  13. Very true.
    Although it's usually much more playful/respectful than the death stares the commodore drivers give you.

    If I could afford a c63 I'd thrash it at every set of lights as well :D Love the sound of that v8.
  14. The riff*
  15. the problem i have is they keep up when you just take off averagely on the bike.. so if there's a merging zone they tend to be close enough to try and rush past you and a few times ive had one nearly merge into me.... easily more than any other car of late.

    fine if you're playing too but annoying if you're not.... generally SS's are so far back that it's all over by then even with a slow takeoff... and all you have to worry about is them continuing to speed up till they catch you and then losing control and hitting you on theway past... or something falling off.
  17. Bloody oath they do.
  18. harleys of the car world?
  19. the AMG or the SS... or both?

    do AMG's still only come in Auto?
  20. Buel maybe.

    Sports saloon cars aren't really my thing but I definitely have a soft spot the for c63. Don't care for taxi's at all.