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ss brake lines....... worth the effort ?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by oz_johnno, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Howdi,
    I am considering a set of spiegler stainless steel braid lines for the ZX14. How do these compare to standard lines, what are the advantages/disadvantages of SS brake lines ??


  2. Less fade, more consistency.

    I have them on my cbr as well as my last bike and they made a nice difference. Personally I wouldn't bother for a new bike, half of the extra benefit I noticed was probably from the rubber lines being 7-10 years old
  3. Advantages:
    - Firmer lever (same boat as less fade, mentioned above).
    - More 'feel'.
    - Look better.
    - Braking power is not increased (same pressure applied on lever equals the same braking performance, regardless of the line), however it IS easier to achieve harder braking, as the lever doesn't need to move as far. Gives you more leverage basically.

    - Some people say you are more likely to lock the front up in an emergency situation if you grab a fistful, due to the shorter distance the lever will need to travel, something I disagree with.

    Will you regret it?
    - No.
  4. some bikes benefit more than others. my bike (04 R1) had great brakes standard, and the only benefit i gained from the braided line upgrade (apart from looks) was more feel due to the more solid brake lever.

    my mate's 07 CBR1000RR also got a braided brake line upgrade at the same time. his bike suffered from a very spongy lever after several laps at the track, lacked feel, and general stopping power... compared to my bike. this bike benefited greatly from the braided line upgrade!

    so any gains in feel, stopping power, reduced fade, etc will come down to how sh1t the stock brakes on your bike are now, and how hard you push it.

    in my opinion, on a big bike like the 14, i'd be doing everything i could to aid it's braking performance!
  5. Main advantage is that they're nearly always a lot cheaper than standard replacements.