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SRX6 Thumper Kicker

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ol' Thumpa, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Hi all. I thought I would share some pictures of my current ride. SRX6 Yamaha Cafe 1JX as it came from the box in 1986. This girl has 10 clicks on her and rides extremely well for a LAM ride.

    To me it seems like a bit of an oddity (in my area at least). I am wondering if anyone else is enthused in this bike as I am.

  2. The picture facility on this board seems to be broken I will upload more pics soon
  3. go to imageshack or something similar
  4. A couple of mates and a few guys in the SR500 Club have these bikes. They look pretty capable, and reasonably easy to start. Good-looking in a crew-cut 80s way! If you get a chance to ride with the SR guys in your patr of the world, you'll probably meet other owners (you could join the Club with it, if you wanted).

    The first year's gear boxes would self-destruct - they hardened the gears after that. Some guys like to go down one on the front sprocket, a mate of mine has and reckons it rides better on the highway.

    Check out this guy for parts. In the US, but he's trustworthy and helpful http://www.thumperstuff.com/SRX.html .
  5. I always had a thing for those, but only ever saw a silver one and never rode one.

    Who'd have thought a light, large capacity thumper that isn't a motard would make a good road bike?
  6. Thanks mattb. I had my heart set on the SR500 initially but I came across this. They are a similar weight with more power and most of the gear I wanted to put on the SR500. Maybe the SR500 will come later. It will have to be a kick start though. Do you have a website or info on the clubs?

  7. The images are on photobucket and both the html format and the uploader on this board will no operate on either IE or Google Chrome.


    Wayned. It makes a very suitable road bike. For me it has it all. Light weight, low seat, suitable riding position with rear sets and clip ons, responsive and direct steering, enough power to pull good highway speeds and to accelerate out of trouble where needed. The only draw back (for some, not me) is the kick starter. It is fairly easy to start with a bit of a knack to it. The first few days I was dissolving in a pool of sweat, even had to be rescued by the P.O. on the first day, but once I worked out how to kick it there was no problems and I ride it everyday to work.

    I know very little as this is only my 2nd ride, but heck, it does me nicely.
  8. I'm glad I got the SR rather than the SRX (rang up about a couple at the time), and I say go for an SR eventually (as one of two bikes! unless it's a very late model), but the SRX has virtues compared to the SR which you probably don't notice...because they are negative virtues: it lacks the vices of the SR! I'm sure it's a lot easier to live with, and a lot easier on the highway.

    http://www.sr500club.org/ There's no Syndey specific site but the ACT mob sometimes talk about their rides http://home.vtown.com.au/~sross2/ Annual rally is in November in Bethanga - worth considering, you don't need to be a member to come.... You'll also be very welcome on this friendly little community http://www.sr500forum.com/forum/

    For parts, also this mob Kedo http://www.kedo.com/ (as we speak an SRX owner is ordering me some stuff from there with his German account - a swingarm bearing rebuild for $160 AU, as opposed to $400 for the stuff from local Yamaha!)
  9. Congrats on a very clean lean bike :cool:

    A single that needs higher revs on a the highway...are they six speed :?
  10. My reaction too! I'm pretty certain they're all five speed; must like to rev! I find it doubly odd given they have a dual-carb set-up to give better performance at both ends. The fella's no fool though, was pretty involved with the SRX scene in Germany, so I took him at his word.
  11. Welcome to NR! :grin:

    That is a beautiful lookin SRX! :shock:

    That look so damn good in black, and the chromework on that looks mint.

    I do have a soft spot for them. I started out on a very scarred but reliable SRX250. When I upgraded, my bro bought it. When he upgrades, I want to buy it back and do it up for a bit o fun :grin:
  12. (Heffa's brother, I am)

    What you've got there would have to be very close to being my ideal bike.

    I've been wondering lately how far my tax money this year would go towards nakedifying my old SRX250, and you've inspired me.

    Things I love about the SRX (AFAIK the 600 is identical to the 250 bar engine size):
    - It's a skinny, nimble little thing, awesome for doing those windy roads in the hills.
    - It's a thumper, so there's power all the way through the rev range.
    - It's simple. Simple to diagnose and simple to fix.

    If you ever sell that thing, PLEASE keep me posted. :)
  13. There is/was a 400 (a grey import I suspect) on one of the bike sales sites recently. Also a 600 in the above colour, unless that's the same one.

    Look for the name SRX6 as well as SRX600.

    These are one of those bikes that looked good in silver too. A new one with the current 660 motor would be brilliant.
  14. Toecutter/heffa/nerdofsteel - Thanks for your kind comments.

    Mine is a 5 speed. There was a 6 speed model available I believe it was one of the last ones they made in 1990 or 1991. The mono shock model. I have seen some pics of the twin shock turned into a mono with a larger rear wheel. There is some pretty crazy and cleaver stuff done to these bikes.

    Guys I far from need a six gear or need to change sprockets. The lower gears are tall as standard and fifth gear is only good for 100kms/hour or over. They seem to have an optimum cruising rpm of 4,0000 - 4,500 rpm. All of my riding is done 90kms/hour or under and have not required the 5th gear so far.

    The weakness in the early gear boxes as I understand it is wearing 5th gear due to riding it at low rpm in this gear. All other gears seem to be fine from my research.

    @nerdofsteel - Thanks again. It really is a beauty to ride. I extend the offer to you, if you are ever up this way you could come take a look at it. However, I don't plan on selling this bike anytime soon. I am planning on riding it for another 10 to 20,000kms then doing some performance work on her and lightening her up a bit more. Good luck on the mods to the SRX250. I would love to see the progress as you go along. Also if you can post up a pic of your SRX.

    @mattb - thank you for the links once again. Very helpful. Matt the problem I have with the SR500 at the moment is the demand in the market has seemed to bring the price up over and beyond what these bikes are actually worth to me. And it is not only this bike where this is the case in Australia. I would much rather spend my money on a late bonnie. JMO.

    @Wayned - I bought this one from an advert on bike sales. $4200. I paid what he was asking. It was on there for about a month before I got the cash together to take her home with me. It seems that these things aren't quite as popular or common as the SRs etc. Maybe because of the kicker. There was also a 400 and a 250 for sale on bikesales at that point.
  15. http://srx6australia.blogspot.com/

    Here are some more pics. I am heading for a ride into the country tomorrow at day break from Newcastle to take some pics. Will add those later.