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SRX250 - Stalling in the wet

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Holster, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. I'm having a few problems with my little '84 SRX250 & I'm wondering if anyone can help?

    It seems to have decided that it does not like running in the rain.

    If it has been sitting in the rain it will start but as soon as I try to twist the throttle it stalls - I have to let it warm up for quite a while.

    When I'm riding it in the rain or on wet roads it starts chugging - loses power and stalls (i'm normally between 4000 to 6000rpm). This can happen every 5 km or so (eg. I was on my way home on Tuesday night got on the Monash at Punt Rd and it stalled like this at every single exit to Jacksons Rd)

    Sometimes I can stop it stalling by holding the clutch in and bringing it up to 10000rpm in short bursts - the chugging stops and it goes back to normal for the next few km then it starts again.

    This ONLY happens while raining or on wet roads - Any ideas?
  2. It's not electrical, because it starts.
    I would look at carburettor vent hoses filling with water or an air filter/airfilter box filling with water.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I Had the same problem on mine. And every other car/bike I have worked on with old ignition leads. Starts fine, as soon as it's under load - misfire on one or more cylinders. No load condition - fine. Load condition - misfire.

    Replace your ignition leads, then use electrical tape over the coil/lead screwpoint, and the lead/plug cap screwpoint.

    Many bike shops do copper cored cable by the metre. Take a plug lead off the plug, and see if the cable unscrews from the plug cap. if it does, then it's a copper cored cable. measure and replace all lengths. if silicon (unlikely), then it costs significantly more.

    For a temporary fix, run the engine out of the weather at operating temp for a few minutes. lets the leads dry out.

    Edit - if the IGN system is dry, then consider typhoons solution

    The best way to check - go to the carwash, plug the airbox intake with clingwrap, and wash the bike. initial ignition troubles indicate the plug connections.
  4. A really good way to check for high tension ignition problems is to run teh bike somewhere very dark at night, and have a good look around the leads. If they're in poor condition, you'll see teh cables arcing to ground.
    On an old bike though, I'd just go ahead and replace teh plug wires and plug caps, they're very cheap and will really improve reliability, even if they aren't an issue at this time.

    Regards, Andrew.