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SRX Problems - Worth it?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pete the freak, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. NO! Bin the bloody thing and buy a new one.

  2. Maybe as a project bike...

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  3. What are you whinging about, sound easy

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  1. So I bought this Yamaha SRX 250 to get me throught he rest of my restrictions which are up in June 2006. It's got a few problems, most notably the starter motor.

    LLoyd Penn from Lloyd Penn Motorcycles (the best motorcycle repairers north of the Harbour Bridge) replaced the brushes, but said that the bit the brushes rub against (the armature??) is very worn. Because of this it's not drawing enough power to spark properly, which means the bike doesn't like to start. It'll hill start alright, or if I've got the battery on the charger when I try to start it it works a bit better. He reckons I'd be looking at about $700 for a replacement starter that's any good.

    I'm getting a brand new battery tomorrow, and I hope that will make it a bit better, but...

    I'm considering my options, and was looking for some advice...

    Keep in mind, there are a variety of other problems, ie. fairings held on with cable ties, slighty dodgy carbie, strange 'clunk' in the front forks when you brake HEAVILY, wiring's almost shot... etc.

    I was thinking about maybe dropping a whole new engine in the thing. maybe a 600 single or something.

    Other idea was to retrofit a kickstarter, I know the SRX600's from 85 had kicks.. Is that doable??

    Anyhoo, any advice would be appreciated...

    Ta :)
  2. Do you need a reliable bike? Or is riding just for fun? If you need a reliable bike, perhaps you need to look at another one. Or spend the cash and fix the SRX, be willing to loose out some money if you decide to sell it I would think.
  3. Pull the rotor out of the started motor and clamp it in a vice.

    Now get a strip of emory paper a wrap it around the pick-up surface and start rubbing (like polishing a shoe with a cloth). Rotate the rotor every now and then.

    You should be able to get it a bit better.

    What have you got to loose.

    Or replace the entire engine with a traily engine (tt-350 maybe?)
  4. Little history:

    Got my P's on the 5th of June, got axed on the 8th of June, my beautiful Spada got written off. By the time insurance had paid out it was September. I thought "Hmmm, only nine months till I can get my BIG PHAT tourer, can't be arsed spending $3-4k on a another LAM's bike, $1,500 budget on an old piece of crap just to last me until june next year."

    So I bought this SRX for $1400 knowing it'd have a few problems. Now it's only 7 months to go and i'm still not getting anywhere.

    My thoughts now are "well bugger it, I can go and buy a Hyosung GV650 with the throttle restrictor for LAM's then in June I'll just get the restrictor taken off again..."

    I kinda want to get this one starting on a regular basis so I can use it as my "going up the shops for a litre of milk" type bike, or I'm thinking of pulling it all apart and starting from scratch with a new engine...
  5. bummer.

    how bad is the carby, and how bad is the wiring? depending on how bad they are would dictate whether you should get a new starter motor to me. if they're very nearly down the chute like the starter motor, i'd probably give everything a miss and sell it. thats working on the assumtion that you want a bike that will go and not a project bike though. if the new engine works out at only a little bit more dosh than the starter motor id say go for it as a project bike and the carby and wiring will soon come under the project bike knife anyway.

    as for whether or not the new starter motor will help i have no idea. i have zero experience in these matters and am thus fairly useless to ya :LOL:
  6. Got a mate with a Lathe ?? to skin the commutator place in lathe turn o/d and then run emery paper over it, clean it and with a piece of hack saw blade gently scrape the commutator slots out and clean with acetone do not damage insulation on wires then it will be scap. if no mate with lathe Check out for the old school auto electricial the grottiest place you can find with a gramps running it he is sure to sort you out in no time.

    How about a 350 conversion with kick starter ? more street cred the yam TT350 plonks straight in and gives a bit more go or try the importers for a TT / SRX 400 cc motor with electric boot.

    Good luck
  7. Sorry or get the clutch side case and kick starter off a TT 250 they are the same basic motor
  8. So I can just 'plonk a kick starter in? I'm assuming that would solve my ignition problems...
  9. Mate your stretching the brain matter here from 15 years ago but here goes :?

    You will need the following items

    Clutch cover (had hole dilled in for kick starter)

    Kick starter shaft and lever and quadrent and spring.

    Blanking plate for where starter motor used to sit if removing from bike.

    The internal drilled hole should be in place inside crankcase. but drop it off to confirm before you start sourcing parts.

    Yes i reckon that it it bumps easily it will solve the ignition problem but i would also check charging circuit etc.

    By the way the clunking under hard braking is forks bottoming out time for an oil change and go up from say 10 weight to 15 or 20 weight
    also a couple of large washers or 20 cent coins to get the spring weight up a bit, dont want to cast aspersions on your weight but they where light weight bikes and not necesarily light weight previous owners

    Check steering head bearings as well, with the bike on the centre stand and the front wheel in the air( use jack etc ) move the bars off centre a fraction (if they feel notchy time for new ones) the bars shuld fall to the stops smoothly and not crash into the stops (too loose)

    Hope this helps
  10. Pete, gallon of petrol and a match and ante up for the Hyosung, you've had enough pain, it's time to stop it :D
  11. Thanks Hornet, I'm seriously almost at that point...
  12. Mate if the frustration level is that high burn it. :evil:

    I admit because i can repair, make, fix, anything i want for my bikes i will do the work thats the enjoyment for me more so these days, but if your after a project look for something else that you would enjoy fixing up.

    Get something that will get you through thats all i will suggest.

    PS my youngest bike is 25 years old. but that is my choice.
  13. I'd buy a secondhand starter, put a kit through the carb( or if you aren't up to it, ship it off to the many places that rebuild carbs), or buy a second hand carb and start riding it. The clunk in the forks, well, I'd just see if it gets you to your P's......
    There is more to reconditioning a starter than cleaning up the commutator with paper, the mica has to be undercut a speific way etc and it could also have internal shorts.
    If you have the will and tools, you can get out of things real cheap. Hey, there's a nice Z 650 just like mine on Ebay for $400 something, I'd buy that! Cheap and bulletproof (and LAM aproved).
    But that's my 2 cents.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. I had an '84 SRX 250, it was held together with grease :) I was lucky some Netriders took pity on me during a spanner day and sorted it the best they could. I got rid of it after 4 months due to crappy forks that needed new springs, also it would stall in the rain as it let the water in the tank somwhere.
    I upgraded to a ZZR 250 and never looked back...the clunk in the forks could be the 20 cent pieces used to stiffen the forks :wink: :) Sorry, no real helpful advice here..just a bit of a trip down memory lane :D
  15. My fond memory of SRX's is that they would barely do 80, down a hill, with a
    strong back wind.

    An average scooter could pull harder than an SRX.

  16. Call Bruce from Yamwreck on 03 98078376

    I think he sold a starter motor to SOBIL for his FZR250 for under $100 and I know he has about 3 SRX250s for wrecking

    new batery should help
    take your time and sort these things out... with a little bit of persistance you will sort it out...
    Ask Bruce if it is possibe... I think not
    Ask Bruce once again... I think he tild me it is possibe as these bikes have engines interchangable wit a dirt bike... I know it is possible to do that (and easy) with a Honda CBX250 :D

  17. Starter motor? fairings? eh?

    I have the said 85 (identical to the 86) SRX600, and it indeed does have a kickstart - no electric start at all, actually. I'm not all that familiar with the srx250, but from memory the frame looks a bit less sturdy, so dropping a 600 in might not be a good idea. but then again, i really don't know. Have a dig around and chat to the good people at the thumperpage forums . they're sure to know.

    My advice would be to just get an SRX600 - they're great little bikes. However I gather from your use of the word 'restrictions' that's not really an option...