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SRX "Cafe-Fighter" Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by pete the freak, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Well folks, it has officially begun.

    Brief background:

    Got knocked off my Spada (write off) in July 2005, was laid up with broken bones till about september/october. Was getting off my P's in March, so I didn't want to spend $$$ on a learner legal bike for 5-6 months of use, so I went and spent a measly $1,300 on a 1985 Yamaha SRX250 (painted in genuine Kawasaki green!! :roll: ).

    It had probelms starting from the beginning, but I thought "meh, that's what you get for $1300". I only rode it about a dozen times before it decided not to start at all anymore.

    Through a process of trial and error (mostly error :oops: ) we (myself and my partner in crime, Jensen) replaced the carburettor and the starter motor, then put the original carbie back on. Now we've moved onto the fuel tap, which is one of those stoopid vacuum jobbies which wasn't holding it's vacuum. We've almost fixed that, and can now (with the tap removed and pouring petty straight into the carbie) start the bike on a regular basis.

    One thing about this SRX is that aside from the starting problem, if you can get it running, it's still a damn fine example of a mid 80's single sports bike. Runs well, handles well, heaps of fun to hoon about on. :cool:

    Anyhoo, now that the bike is running reliably, it's time to bling it up and make worth owning. I don't have the photo's with me, but soon I'll post up the 'before' photos so you can see why I wouldn't really want to be seen on the thing - it's ugly, dirty and falling apart.

    A very similar SRX (imagine it in badly painted Kawa green)-

    So, I came up with the idea of street-fightering it, but I thought that would be an insult to all those lovely GSXR and R1 street-fighters out there, hence, the little SRX is destined to become...

    "The Cafe-Fighter"

    Step 1: Tuesday 24th October 2006.

    We stripped the bike down to is bare essentials, front fairing, seat, tail fairing, pillion pegs, gigantic 3 compartment air box, mirrors, and instument cluster all gone.

    Tank off, currently being wire-brushed through 4 layers of paint to get it back to bare metal. Thinking painting metallic silver.

    The Plan:

    Custom home-made airbox being manufactured, hopefully with a big Harley style air filter. :wink:

    We're going to cut about 6 inches of the tail and about 3 inches off the seat. Remove padding from the seat from where the pillion grab handle is (but won't be for much longer) and run a cowl over the top.

    Going to do a mould of the tail fairing and remake in fibreglass, with a few mods to slim up the side panels and change the ugly square rear end into a nice rounded thing (reminiscent of the later SRX6 hopefully), and push the sticky-outy brake light into the end a bit so it's flush with the end of the fairing. Hopefully paint this up the same metallic silver as the tank.

    Oh, you should know it's got a black frame and engine block, so think silver on black...

    Removed the triangular side panels, going to replace with a polished stainless grating/mesh of some kind to increase airflow, and shininess.

    Front end: not sure what we're doing here. Option 1 is to just go to Ausstreetfighter or some such and buy a new headlight assembly, instrument cluster and clip-on 'bars, but that costs mokeys, and there's no fun in buying pre-made stuff. Option 2 (which is most likely) is to go scour motor cycle wreckers for usable bits and pieces. It's all still up in the air, and we'll probably decide what's happening down the track somewhat.

    Wheels, we're going to have a go at polishing.

    Exhaust: we' got a stock can from a VTR1000 Firestorm that we're going to have a go at fitting, personally I don't think it'll work, but it'll be fun for a laugh.

    Don't really need to do anything to the swing arms except give them a clean and stiffer up the 'monocross' suspension.

    Front forks are pretty good. I'[ll give it all a clean, and most prolly replace the oil and seals.

    So that's about it. Anyone think of anything else I can do?? Anything I shouldn't be doing (I don't care, I'll probably do it anyway..)??

    Apologies for the mammoth post, but I just had to get all this written down... Stay tuned for the next steps, which will definitely include photos.

    Cheers. :cool:
  2. good luck mate, looking forward for the pictures!
  3. Believe it or not, I just bought a 1987 SRX 250, very badly beaten up, with the idea of rebuilding it as a sort of cafe racer / streetfighter...
    and found your post while searching around for ideas for components.
    So... how did it turn out?
    Any pics?
  4. Dude, sound fantastic! :grin: :grin:

    Definitely agree on the back end and side panels.

    I did my restrictions on a beat up SRX and then sold it to my brother. Once he is done with it I planning to strip it down and do some mods too. I was thinking of trying to widen the tail a bit too, and try to find a way of widening the seat (after a long ride it felt like the wedgie from hell!).

    It shouldnt be too hard the remove the fairing and make it naked. It u hunt about for a generic round headlight with mount u should be able to cobble something together without spending much. Once u get the fairing off there are some useful mounting points. Maybe worth checking out here.
  5. My SRX has the fairing removed and a round headlight mounted:

  6. Nice. I like it.
  7. Any idea what other bikes' parts might fit it?
    I'm probably going to do one of those generic headlights, unless I get inspired to do something different, but am still looking around for clip-ons, maybe a new fuel tank, seat, lower cowling... whatever seems to need replacing, as I rebuild it.