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SRV250 tell me about em

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pil, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Im looking at buying a srv250 as a fix up job but dont know how hard they are to get parts for. I have heard that the engine is the same as the virago but just tuned a bit different so egine parts should be ok but what about all the other bits and pieces. Any info would be greatly appreciated no matter how big or small. Cheers Pil

  2. My ex had one, nice little bikes. They are a very good city bike and an adequate legal speed highway tourer. The seat is pretty narrow and flat. The motor vibes a fair bit on the overrun (which I liked but some people don't). Power isn't as high as say a GPX250 but is more than a CB250.

    Good fuel economy, good reliability.

    Parts aren't that common as not many were sold.
  3. Thats the prob with these bikes they are good little riders but cause not many where made parts may be a prob. I think I will need to talk to a yammy dealer and see what stuff you can get on order from them. Lets hope they stock the bits i think Im gonna need. Cheers Pil
  4. bah no sense talkin to a yammy dealer talk to lots and lots of wreckers. and see if they have any running around.

    Its can be hard enough getting parts for popular bikes (at a good price)
    ya mind telling us what parts u do need. Generaly u can make lots of cosmetic parts or get stuff of other bikes and make it fit.

    edit: lots of jap sites come up when googling for it.
  5. hey crutch wat I plan on doing is something simalar to wat deus is doing but for a third of the price. I wanna get the tank stripped and polished repaint the frame and guards put a set of straight bars then look at fixing the neglected things on the bike like rear sprocket general clean up of the engine and a tune. Nothing to fancy just tricking up a good modern base for lots cheaper than dues are doing
  6. none of that seems difficult (parts wise).
    go for it.
    As far as engine is concerned it would be nice to know for sure if viagro parts are compadible. Id still go ahead with it im sure u can source from somewhere if need be.

    worst case scenaroi u can stick a new 250engine in there which arnt expensive or haardd to come buy.
    but a good top end service and most bikes will be purring

    Good luck
  7. You shouldn't have any troble getting new parts from dealers.

    I doubt there will be many in wreckers simply because there aren't too many around.

    That wouldn't put me off, they are a damn sweet little bike.