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SRV 250 won't start anymore:

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by DeeTee, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. the Basics
    SRV 250 1995 model
    30 000kms
    have owned for 2 months

    The Problem
    Last sunday I took my bike out for a weekly short (20km) ride and about half way through it started running really rough and requiring a lot of throttle to get of the line. It also started to go on very low revs at idle, when I parked it up I noticed a fuel leak which I found yesterday to be coming from the airbox after I pulled it apart. The airbox was nearly full of fuel that i think came from flodding when I tried to restart.
    I have a charged battery, and the engine turns over fine, but it struggles to even fire now. Any ideas of what might be the problem? I will endevour to edit to provide more information if needed, but thanks for any help.
    It normally starts fine with about half choke before this happened.

    I just need to get it going enough so I can drop it in for a full service this week :)

  2. If the airbox filled with fuel did the air filter get soaked in fuel? I'm guessing this will stop it passing enough air, maybe try starting without the filter, don't run it too long or ride it without the filter though. The bike could also still be flooded?
  3. Perhaps fuel float is stuck open and fuel is just pissing into the airbox from overflow of the carb.

    That, or severe leak...
  4. AND if the float is stuck and the fuel has now stopped filling the air box it may be there is no fuel left in the tank :wink:
  5. +3

    You've got a bit of dirt under one of your float needle. sometimes it clears itself if you give it a bit of a fang.

    If it doesn't then you will need to pull the bowl off the offending carby and
    spray some carby cleaner about.

    At 30,000 it might by a good time to pull the carbies, give them a good clean, then set them up and sinc them.
  6. To start it hold the throttle half open. No choke.

    slowly wind open the throttle as you crank, if it doesn't early on.

    You may need to hold open the throttle a bit to keep it running.

    If it doesn't clear up with a bit of a rev, then it may help to wind up the idle so you can ride it to the mechanic
  7. Thanks for all the help guys

    Drained the airbox and managed to get it started at about half throttle as suggested, haven't had time to pull it apart and check the carbys but hopefully now it will get me there.

    I'll let you know what the mechanic (action city) outcome is after the service, I hope they can fix it.... the bus sucks.