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SR500 run, Sydney. But where are the SRs???….

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by FUTURE, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. The Sydney SR500 club guys had a ride on today. So I tagged along. Due to Telstra’s slack service I didn’t get the meeting place and time info till 8:30am via the SR forums. Thanks for PM’ing me Wizz954. So I had about 45 mins to get to Loftus from Granville. I made it with 5 mins to spare. At one stage I was down on the tank in behind the fairing. I have never laughed so hard on a bike before. It must have looked a sight with little fat me trying to get in behind the fairing.

    I arrived at Loftus Oval, the meeting place, to see a BMW 650 sitting there. It was Milkman. Then curly001 rolls in on his much modified XT500. I look at the road tyres and how stripped down this bike is know that he is a quick rider. After about 10mins in rolls Wizz954 on his Fireblade.



  2. http://www.wargamer.com/Hosted/CloseCombatFuture/25NOVSRun/25NOVSRrun006.jpg


    Hmmm. I keep looking around for any SR’s. None have arrived. The 3 other guys all have SRs. But not on the road. Wizz954 races one. Curly001 has 3 in the garage, none road worthy. Milkman has one at home that needs working on.

    It is soon decided that no one else is turning up. So off we head to the Royal National Park. Curly is leading us. Even with eye plugs in I can hear Curly’s XT. What a lovely sound it is to.

    The road for the first half of the RNP is dry and a good pace is set. Soon we drop down off the plateau into the rain forest area. The road is damp in lots of places. Curly is off like a shot. Milkman on the old R65 is also getting away from me. I have only ridden the RNP twice on a solo. And that has been this year. I have done it with an outfit a few times a few years back but it is so different on a solo. I have backed off. Not that I could feel the front end get loose in the damp but I am not 100% with this road. Still going fast but no way can I catch up with the two in front of me. I also have lost sight of Wizz954 in my mirrors. He did get caught up by a guy on a Harley that was putting his foot down in corners. I bet the Harley guy didn’t want to scratch his footpegs. Hehehehe. Lots of bikes going back the other way. Most going fast. One guy on a new black R1 flew past. He was right into it.


    Soon we are at Stanwell Tops. Heaps of bikes gather here. Today is no exception. All types and sizes of bikes come and go. 250s with fresh L plates riding with mates on 600s. Harleys cruise in. GXRs and R1s head off into the RNP. I much prefer the RNP over the Old Pacific. It is longer and the road is so much better surface wise. None of those wiggly fresh tarmac lines in the cracks on the RNP road that are so slippery. The RNP is narrower and can take a new rider unawares with some of the blind corners. But it does not have that stupid 50kmh speed limit that the Old Pac has.
  3. After a break and a look at the beautiful scenery we head further south to the Scarborough Hotel at Scarborough. This hotel was opened in 1887. It over looks the ocean and has been restored inside and out. It is a great place to sit and chat and have a drink after a good ride.


    After cake and drinks we head off for home via Bulli Pass. That’s when we come upon the push bike riders. They are on some form of official ride. There are so many of them all over the road. I see one pull up next to Curly and Milkman while we are riding though one of the villages. He is keeping pace with them. What?!. A break in the oncoming traffic sees us overtake a big bunch of them and off we go. Up Bulli Pass and onto the Freeway heading north for Sydney. Wizz954 had to get home fast so we all decided to head for home too. The Freeway is boring as usual. It’s just there to get you from A to B quickly. Wizz954 is off in the distance. Heathcote Rd comes up. A wave to the other 2 guys and turn off down Heathcote Rd. All too soon I am back mixing it with suburban traffic and am home.

    I enjoyed today’s ride. All 3 of the guys are very good riders and I enjoyed riding with them. I was able to push myself today and know that I still have heaps to learn after all these years about my riding skills. I think I need to do the RNP a few more times and learn this road.

    Telstra when do I get the SMS from wizz954 with the meeting info. He sent it last night and I still have not received it.
  4. Cool pis and write up as usual :cool:

    So any more info on the BMW apart from being an R65 - nice low handlebars? I take it he's added the fairing on?
  5. Yeah, that's an aftermarket fairing on milky's. Sounds like a good bike, he's very happy with it.

    At least there was a 500 single there flying the flag. Is it still backfiring like a .303?
  6. Yep it backfires. And poor Wizz had to put up with mine backfiring on overrun into corners.... :LOL:
  7. The chain on the XT looks a little loose!
  8. That depends on how you adjust your chain. If you do it so it is at the correct tension when someone is sitting on then bike then yes it will look loose when there is no one on the bike.
  9. Looks like a great day future- thanks for the pics.

    Always liked the idea of an old thumper for a commuter, and it is kinda funny on the lack of SR's turning up on the day... but then again, i'm a member of the BMW riders club and i only own a yamaha and a honda! :LOL:
  10. Main thing is we had fun. There are heaps of SRs around. They are all off the raod being rebuilt. :LOL:
  11. :grin: I was rapt to see this ride as you deal with two of my favourite bikes, my current mount is a 1984 BMW R65LS in great condition and a SR500E which after much soul searching :cry: I have sold to my brother inlaw. I did a lot of long runs on the SR one being the first Southern Cross Rally 3000km finishing at the Retreat Rally( the night before the "Bikie shootout in Mackay") that was a great blast :eek: . My main reason for parting with the SR was arthritus and lack of an electric boot. I will still get to ride it though and it has gone to a great home. I must say though the BM is a worthy replacement as I averaged 35000km on it for a number of years. Love long runs :p