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SR500 exhaust?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Thommo 73, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. where can i find one, and if it is straight thru what mods need to be done?
    and where could i find some rear shocks?

    thanks thommo

  2. thommo, talk to the guy on this forum who's nick is Chairman; he's an SR-500 guru.
  3. i tryed to PM him but i haven't sent more than 5 posts.!
  4. I shall rattle his cage for you
  5. You rang, master?

    Joe Minton and Paul Vonderhey both developed re-jetting plans for the SR. They differ slightly because one focuses on the 32mm carby (1981 and later, I think) while the other uses the 34mm. They also differ in that one uses a Kerker exhaust and a replacement airbox. You can find a summary at http://www.siue.edu/~rsutton/SR/carbmod.htm.

    I've used Vonderhey mods - I have an (almost) straight through exhaust and a K&H slip-on air filter. I've machined the carby slide, moved the needle to the richest setting and upped the main jet to a #330 (I have the Mikuni VM34SS carb).

    Exhausts... you could get a very nice Manx style SR exhaust header from RSR Kitsets http://www.rsrkitsets.com/header.htm . Teamed with an reverse cone slip-on muffler (ask at Modak or Motabitz for "the one the SR blokes use") it would look the ducks guts. Paul O'Carrigan at www.motorcycle-parts.com.au also had 2' headers - not stock, but oh-so-tasty! He also has straight-thru (EPA bait) slash-cut pipes - http://motorcycle-parts.com.au/RDP50_YamSR500SL.jpg

    Hank's engineering (hertmotorcycles@ozemail.com.au or 07 40547144) also stock exhaust bits and shocks - and every other trick bit you could want. email and he'll send a catalogue. (think 'money-pit')

    BJ's (07 3391 7322) do a nice Girling replica shock.

    Finally, talk to Carl at Short Black (now called Cafe Racer, I think) motorcycles (02 9690 2112) for the K&N filter, and heaps of good advice. In Melbourne, ring Vic Wreckers and ask for Andy. They charge like wounded bulls, but Andy knows his stuff - he races a wicked SR500, tuned by Carl. Andy also runs his own business selling SR parts - and imports almost new bits taken from the identical SR400 - rarely seen here but popular in Japan.

    And congratulations on your fine taste.

  6. Thommo - be warned that Chairman's bike has an exhaust that qualifies as a WMD, so if you follow his lead you could find yourself in strife under the new anti-terrorism laws... :LOL:
  7. Rod Tingate in wonga park is still doing buisness i think ??
    I had his exhaust system clip ons and rear sets they where excellent quality when i had them on my SR500 toooo many years ago to rember all the details but the oportunity to trade it in on the Jota was to great
    good luck and go with the reverse cone mega.
  8. I've got his clip-ons - very well made.

    Embarrassing story about Rod Tingate - at coffee one Friday, we were discussing his work and I commented that in thought he'd died. A friend of Matt232 (I forget her name - the Rain Goddess - famous for running out of fuel twice between Southbank and Foxy's) said "Oh dear - I better let him know - I was his place for dinner last weekend and he seemed OK"

    Tingate Racing
    Ph. 03 9722 1884
    Wonga Park
    Victoria 3115
  9. Does Rod Tingate still have those jewel-like special bikes he used to make? I remember a 125 racer he built (?) that looked too pretty and delicate to race, he was/is one of the great artisans in metal this country has ever produced!

    woo-hoo he has a website

  10. thanks for the replys, those 50mm drag pipes look the goods :D
    the bike is a 78' sr500E with a rear disc if that helps any,
    oh and the exhaust will have to pass a RW in vic so i'm not sure if that 50mm will pass? :(
  11. Happy to be corrected, but I do not believe that the exhaust noise is an item that is checked on a roadworthy (mine certainly wasn't, thank God). It is, however, a offence to not comply with ADR 28 and the EPA can go you for this - and the fine is hefty.

    I was re-registering my bike and it went through the roadworthy and a VicToads inspection without being checked for noise.
  12. My Across came with one of Mr Tingate's mufflers in situ.

    I'm not sure why you'd bolt one to an Across, but I'm not complaining. It looks like a quality piece of work and sounds better than standard.

    Here's Tingate Racing's site:


    It's got a couple of links that look relevant if you've got an SR500.
  13. not all that worried about the epa, but where could one find the required bits to mod the carby for a straight thru exhaust and if i was running one would it cause probs if i didn't modd the carby?
    cheers thommo
  14. I will absolutely second that. I consider the act of following Mark as he goes up a hill (especially with exhaust baffles out) to be a comprehensive penance for all my many sins on the road. I needed six replacement fillings after the last time. :p
  15. Any tester along the line was dead by then....or claiming under WorkCover :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Freequote from "Heidi", the movie; ...and let the hill come alive with music"
    Chairman's version: how to blow Mt. BawBaw across the NSW border in 3 mins. flat :p :p
  16. that sounds good to me! :D
  17. but where could one find the required bits to mod the carby for a straight thru exhaust

    From the local Yamaha dealer go up two sizes on main jet and do a plug chop to establish plug colour Rich / Lean

    and if i was running one would it cause probs if i didn't modd the carby?
    cheers thommo[/quote]

    Backfiring on over run and coughing spluttering at 80% throttle and if you run it flat out at top revs you can blow hole in the piston

    I did it that way so as i needed a nice high comp piston and crank rebuild because i didnt bother to re jet it
  18. Looking at Mark......Whitehorse Plumbing have stuff aver 3/4 inch diameters, don't they? :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Yes - as has been pointed out, you'll run too lean. You'll lose power and potentially damage piston and seats. The benefits of opening up the exhaust only come when you rejet.

    I have a 1/2 inch reamer here somewhere...just kidding

    The only part you'll need is a replacement main jet. These come in heaps of sizes and Yamaha City (Elizabeth St) have them. They cost about $8 each, but I can lend you a few to test with. My guess is that the #320 will do. You'll get away without modifying the carby slide, and the only other adjustment is to the carby needle, which is designed to be adjusted.

    The job is dead simple. Use my favorite carby workbench (a round pizza box) and good lights. I'll see if I can find an instruction sheet.
  20. From what I hear 1/2 an inch is being generous... :LOL: