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SR500 Club Rally

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by mattb, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Last weekend was the tenth annual rally for the club dedicated to Yamaha's SR500, the late 70's 500 single. I went along with Devery (as he's known on this forum). We found QuarterWit outside Wodonga.

    This was Jame's second ride since getting his license 18 months ago. His first ride was on his '73 Czech CZ175, which he rode to Cowra NSW and back. The bike then broke down, and James has disassembled it and is fitting 12V electrics. He recently bought an old Yamaha SR250, and was determined to get to the Rally for his second ride on a motorcycle. The RWC and registration took place Friday afternoon before leaving.

    We left 9.30am Saturday. An hour later Jame's front fender fell off and his indicators stopped working. Avoiding the Hume Doom boring Highway, we made for Yarra Glen to Yea, to Mansfield for lunch. The rain started.

    The road to Witfield would be great in the dry, and we loved it even in the wet. The mist, the gentle rain, the mountain trees, the Kawasaki Z Club. And more and more mist. At it's height, which was the height too of the mountain and the twisties, we had 20 foot of vision. James was a ghostly echo of light behind me, in front threatening shapes materialised and by an act of faith I kept the throttle open.

    We took back roads all the way, met turtles, old train stations, and were soaked by the time we slid our bikes over the mud into the Rally.

    We went grass racing on Devery's SR. This inspired him, and so he revved and spun and flipped and broke his clutch lever. We fitted another from a trailored SR and he did the same again, breaking an indicator and bending the gear shifter.

    After a lot alcohol and Hitler jokes, we went to bed, James and I in my one man tent. It was raining most of the time. I was so wet I left my boots in the rain. The next morning, naked, I would stand in the rain and dress - at a certain point you care no more. In bed my feet and head touched the tent sides and water trinkled in. Then the storm came. We'd wake feverish to the burst of light and sound. Sometimes a damn broke in the $39 tent and water gushed onto me. Near dawn something slimy woke me out of sleep - into the fitful panic of a slug on my cheek. I cried and flicked it. It landed on Devery. I didn't want to leave him its unsuspecting victim, but nor did I want him to wake in the dark with me running my hands over his warm body. At dawn a mate revved his Triumph beside my head and then did the same with the exhaust in the door of the tent, and we began the day.

    Arriving the previous day, to a room of 150 men and two women, all of them incarnations of the Toecutter, with the odd NightRider and Bubber thrown in, not all of them clothed but all steaming, a fellow exclaimed: "Young Blokes!" We felt like cute girls. So next morning I went for my shower in my dress-like nightgown, eyed like I was tasty or eccentric by old men in muddy leather, cock eyes and mad hair. I found the shower: it stuck out of the wall at the entrance to the toilets. I would have to stand naked at the busy entrance. I showered clothed, which mattered little given it was impossible to become more wet.

    Tired, sore, hungover, violated, James and I decided to ride the boring Hume home. A good idea given the relentless storms. At one point I think it was hail but the intensity was so much I couldn't tell.

    Jame's SR held up well. Then it became more powerful, and louder. His exhaust broke in half.

    It seems rallies aren't really my thing, but it was good to experience one. They were a good bunch of people.

    Some photos from my water-logged camera.

    QuarterWit's SR400 cum SR520.

    V-Max sidecar and Honda four chopper. I like meeting this crowd of guys who've each ridden for forty years, seen and can tell a lot, and show the varieties of motorcycling. On forums you hear the constant opinions of guys who've ridden three years and think sidecars, choppers, and everything else sucks besides whatever mainstream currently popular thing they're into - sports bikes, sports tourers and, if its an old project, at best cafe racers (sports bikes!)

    Our camp
  2. James was a ghostly echo of light behind me,

    Could have been worse; if he had been on a Brit bike there would have been no light at all :LOL:.

    Great ride report, as usual (y).
  3. It's a small world, I was at the rally on my silver Norge.

    If I'd realized a netrider was going to be there I'd have said hi :)
  4. I think I saw your Norge - was it with the group under the trees, at the entrance? I looked at it and thought, among all the pretty bikes breaking down - "Yeah, that's what you want!" Did you see the four-day-old W650 grey import that blew its carbs off, disassembled its brake, and ran on only one pot?
  5. We were under some trees, a bit down from the entrance though.

    I didn't notice a W650 though... sorry.