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SR400 what would you pay

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pil, May 28, 2008.

  1. Looking at them as a bike for me what do you think these two bikes would be worth to any of you out there. Im not made up on either of them yet just thinking it through. Cheers Pil


  2. 400/500 at least.
  3. Too little information, can't say without knowing no. of K's, condition etc...

    If that's a new SR400 import, good condition with low k's, they can be found for $5-6000. But rariety and demand means some people are trying to charge more than this.

    The modified bike seller would probably want a small premium for his machine, but imo you should pay less unless those are mods you would want and need if you bought the machine. I'd feel like a bit of a nob riding someone elses custom.
  4. What would I pay - no more than 5k
    What are they likely to sell for - probably 10k+.
    There's a lot of people out there with way too much money, this is why companies like Deus exist.
  5. Marlon can answer this better than me, but I'd say around $9000 for the first and $13,000 for the second is what you will find they go for - we're talking Deus prices. In the case of the first, that means that - like the WR650 - there's not much depreciation on what these would cost new (though of course it's a grey import - its relative rarity being that which keeps its price up).

    Motorcycle Import Centre in Brisbane was bringing in late model SR500s for around $5000 - looking pretty much like the SR400 in your first pic (I heard they're ceasing to import?), and you can get a good 30 year old SR500 for about $3000, and a couple more grand will see it sorted with a lot of new organs if you so desire (carb, fancy CDI, coil, wiring, top end refresh). Vanem provides a lot of aftermarket mods.

    Check out the SR500 Forum.

    Another option is the $5000 Honda GB400 single that Sumoto in Melbourne import.

  6. Ok so the first bike that is all stock has 10km on it is a 1990 no strange motor noises just probalbly needs a good clean and a tune up. It was more to see what people thought of price relation of stock or custom bikes. I know in syd people pay mad prices for these bikes but that doesnt mean that they are worth it. Will keep ya posted as to what happens. Thanks Pil
  7. Haha, I bought one!

    Really does depend from model to model. I think i paid around 8 for one with 400k's on the clock in perfect condition. Too much? Maybe. Happy as a pig in shit? Check.

    You importing those two are you mate?
  8. This is a tough one to answer.

    I guess it all comes down to the condition and how many after market mod are on the bike. remember some of the tanks can cost over $2k.

    So for a unmodified early model SR with average K's maybe around $6k (or $8k at Deus for a newer model) keep in mind through that when buying from Dues you also get a lot of after sale discounts for future mods and even clothes etc...Plus I've been told they hold free classes every few months or so for SR customers... Dont quote me on that though as I haven't confirmed with Dues if correct.

    Good Luck finding a cheap one! These things are becoming so popular that people can ask for however much they want as they are truly becoming the choice of bike for many. Thanks Dues
  9. This is only in the last year - they were averaging $3k 18 months ago, and the prices are shooting up! ...Which is nice when you already own one! :)

    Speak to others who have bought from Deus about after sales service... :shock: